NBC Midseason Line-Up Shocker! Community Shelved!


Ugh! We are blaming Whitney for this nonsense!

Although Community is arguably one of the best-written, funniest comedies on television, NBC pulled one hell of a switch-up for its mid-season schedule, which has left the series SHELVED indefinitely!

Starting Thursday, January 12th, 30 Rock will take its place in the 8pm time slot, while Up All Night will move to Whitney‘s spot at 9:30pm. That mess will instead be moved to Wednesdays at 8pm, to be followed by the equally disastrous-looking Are You There, Chelsea, formerly titled Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea.

Oh yeah, and that Maria Bello Prime Suspect show is gone, too. Back to Community, though –

The cast and crew seem to be just as shocked as everyone by the change, and HIGHlariously took to Twitter to discuss!

Executive producer Neil Goldman wrote:

Midseason schedule burn!

To which series creator Dan Harmon replied:

Streets Ahold! RT @neilskee Midseason schedule burn!

Followed by Alison Brie:

Troy and Abed in the…summer?? RT @danharmon: Streets Ahold! RT @neilskee Midseason schedule burn!

And nicely wrapped up by Joel McHale:

Horsebot 3000 Nooooo! RT @alisonbrie: Troy & Abed in the…Summer?? RT @danharmon: Streets Ahold! RT @neilskee Midseason schedule burn!

We’re sorry, but this is absolutely effing STOOPID.

Does NBC REALLY want an Arrested Development situation on its hands now?

Ugh! Best case scenario, Whitney and Chelsea can die off together with relative speed and ease on Wednesdays, and Community can reclaim its rightful throne on the NBC line-up!

Finger’s crossed!

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And check out the full NBC midseason schedule…AFTER THE JUMP!

8-10pm – The Voice (beginning February 5)
10-11pm – Smash (beginning February 6)

8-10pm – The Biggest Loser (beginning January 3)
10-11pm – Fashion Star (beginning March 13)

8-8.30pm – Whitney (beginning January 11)
8.30-9pm – Are You There, Chelsea? (beginning January 11)

8-8.30pm – 30 Rock (beginning January 12)
9.30-10pm – Up All Night (beginning January 12)
10-11pm – The Firm (two-hour premiere Sunday January 8; Thursday time period premiere January 12)

8-9pm – Who Do You Think You Are? (beginning February 3)

7-9pm – Dateline NBC (beginning January 8th)
8-9pm – Harry’s Law (beginning March 4)
9-11pm – The Celebrity Apprentice (beginning February 12)

Nov 15, 2011 2:10pm PST

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