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Bachelor Nation Feud! Nick Viall Claims Kristina Schulman Slid Into His Brother's DMs!

Nick Viall is opening up about a budding feud he’s got going on with former Bachelor contestant Kristina Schulman… but she’s not taking his comments without clapping back!

The 38-year-old former Bachelor may be one of the more popular stars in the show’s recent history, but to hear the 26-year-old Schulman tell it, y’all might want to rethink crowning Viall as the king of the class!

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Let’s go back to when this all started — as Viall did on his podcast.

On Wednesday’s The Viall Files, which featured ESPN personality Mina Kimes as well, Nick took the time to address comments Schulman had made about him on this season of Bachelor in Paradise.

You see, Kristina had been on Nick’s season of The Bachelor, and when things didn’t work out for her there, she was banished to more recent appearance on BiP.

Well, a couple weeks ago at the Mexican resort, Schulman compared Viall to BiP contestant Luke Stone, noting the latter was “nicer, cuter, and easier to talk to.” Ouch!!

Nick Viall from The Bachelor
Nick Viall has a tendency to tell all on his podcast. Not a bad thing! / (c) WENN

Viall took the bait and opened up about Kristina — sharing an interesting tidbit he’d apparently been holding back.

He claims he found out she was into his brother before coming on the show in the first place! Kind of a mood killer tbh…

Viall spilled:

“I honestly am probably more annoyed with [Bachelor in Paradise] airing it. I’m not surprised Kristina had that to say.

In fairness to Kristina, I probably wasn’t easy to talk to on my season with Kristina since she decided to tell me that she slid into my brother Sam’s DM before our season of The Bachelor.”

Um, yeah, what?! She told him??

“I don’t know what her intentions were, she’s just like, ‘Yeah, I slid into your brother’s DM and I was talking to him a little bit.’ I was like, ‘That’s super weird.’ I had sensed prior to that that she was just a diehard Bachelor fan, and so it was quite honestly kind of awkward… If you tell me you hit on my brother on a date, I might not be the most conversational.”

That IS super weird, for a woman to go on a reality show ostensibly to find love only to tell the leading man she previously slid into his brother’s DMs??

It certainly would explain the standoffishness.

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But hours later, in a series of videos posted on her Instagram Stories, Schulman fired back at the 38-year-old!

Kristina Schulman Instagram Story
(c) Kristina Schulman/Instagram

And she had very different details than Viall did about the controversy, saying:

“One, Nick Viall, you don’t know me, the person being portrayed on TV, you can’t say with certainty that’s who I am because you don’t know me.

Second, I was the one to tell you that your brother messaged me, not the other way around.

And third, you were the a**hole when I was trying to talk to ‘your guy, your wingman’ and you sent him a message saying, ‘Dude, f**k her,’ in reference to me. Like so disrespectful. Where do you come from when telling [me] I’m the terrible person when in fact [you are].”

Um… wow! So it sounds like a game of telephone, only on Instagram… which is technically on a cell phone we guess.

As for the “your guy, your wingman” stuff… yeah, we’re not sure either. Clearly there is quite a bit of bad blood between these two, even beyond what’s been shown on TV — and we’re not even gonna lie, we are SO here for it!!

We need more details!!!! From both!

[Image via WENN/ABC/YouTube]

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