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Newlyweds Nick Viall & Natalie Joy Forced To CANCEL Honeymoon After 'Nightmare' Experience!

Newlyweds Nick Viall & Natalie Joy Forced To CANCEL Their Honeymoon After This ‘Nightmare’ Experience

Unfortunately, Nick Viall and Natalie Joy didn’t get to enjoy the honeymoon of their dreams!

Immediately following their wedding in Georgia last weekend, the newlyweds flew out to Turks and Caicos on their honeymoon, accompanied by their 2-month-old daughter River Rose and Natalie’s mother. However, the trip was cut waaaay short unexpectedly after they experienced a massive problem at customs!

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What happened? During Thursday’s episode of The Viall Files, Nick revealed things were chaotic from the beginning of their travels. To start, The Bachelor alum forgot his cowboy hat and wallet. Oof! And it gets worse from there.

When they arrived at the Turks and Caicos airport, the customs agent noticed there was a torn page in one of their passports! Nick explained:

“We’re on no sleep, kind of back-to-back nights. The agent stamps the passport, is about to hand it back, and then looks at it and goes, ‘There’s a page torn here.’”

At first, the television personality thought it was his passport. He used it as identification for a while since he lost his driver’s license. But it turned out the passport with the torn page was Natalie’s! Oh no! She said:

“We went to Toronto, didn’t have an issue. I’ve used this passport, I’ve never had an issue. I have no idea what’s wrong. And this was really, I feel like, a moment where Nick and I got to, not only, I mean we had River in our arms. We had to hold it together for our daughter, but also it really challenged us as husband and wife. It was the first thing to conquer as husband and wife.”

Since Natalie’s passport had a torn page, the customs agent informed Natalie and Nick they couldn’t let her in and would have to fly her back to the U.S. She burst into tears. Understandable after such a long flight and so much disappointment! Meanwhile, the former reality star was “radiating with anxiety” but trying to keep it together for the family:

“I’m telling myself, you’re two days on the f**king job, time to be a husband. Time to step up. You stay calm. Everything’s going to be fine.”

However, Nick was freaking out on the inside no matter how much he tried to remain positive. Could you blame him? The podcast host pointed out they spent a ton of money on the honeymoon and were about to lose it all since their trip was nonrefundable! Damn! He continued:

“It felt like a nightmare. I’m like, ‘This is not happening.’”

Fortunately, there’s a bright side to this story! The hotel “graciously” refunded their rooms despite their nonrefundable policy. Phew! However, the chaos didn’t stop there. The couple booked a return flight back to the States that same day, but the trip got delayed. For six hours, they waited in the airport for an update on their flight. By that point, Natalie said their baby girl had enough and was “losing her s**t.” Then, they got more bad news… The flight was canceled!


These two couldn’t catch a break! Thankfully, the customs agent was looking out for them! The employee made an exception for Natalie and allowed her to stay in Turks and Caicos for only one night. She even booked the family a hotel room for the evening! To make the most of their short stay, they enjoyed a single romantic dinner together.

Wow! All of this seems so stressful! And honeymoons are supposed to be the opposite! Watch the whole convo for yourself (below):

Let this be a lesson for everyone! Check your passport before you leave for a vacation! Apparently an itty bitty tear can let you down! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments!

[Image via Natalie Joy/Nick Viall/Instagram]

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