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Nick Viall & Natalie Joy Spills The Tea On WILD Wedding Drama With A Drunk Hairstylist!

Nick Viall & Natalie Joy Detail WILD Wedding Drama With A Drunk Hairstylist!

It’s safe to say Nick Viall and Natalie Joy will never hire this hairstylist again!

Last weekend, the couple tied the knot at her family’s farm in Georgia. It was “the most magical weekend” and “the most wonderful wedding” for Nick and Natalie. But their wedding wasn’t without some major drama! And it’s all because of “the hairstylist from hell,” as Nick referred to him on the latest episode of The Viall Files!

After the ceremony, Natalie went to change into her second dress and do her hair and makeup before the reception began. She kept calling her hairstylist to start the next look, but he never answered. Her wedding planner eventually stepped in and went to find him. When the woman finally tracked him down and told him Natalie’s ready to get her hair done, the stylist refused! The 25-year-old surgical technologist recalled:

“He said, ‘No, I’m eating.’”

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Who says that to someone on her wedding day? Of course, Natalie wasn’t standing for it. She told him to “come and change” her hair. When the hairstylist shows up 15 minutes later, you’ll never guess what happens next! According to Natalie, he stepped into the room “pants unzipped, unbuttoned, open, his shirt untucked, very disheveled” and told her he “‘was pissing.’” Right away, she knew he was “very hammered.” Yep, this guy was drunk!! And it gets worse from here! Nick chimed in to say:

“In some sort of crass way demanded that Natalie find him drugs.”


When Natalie asked him if he was drunk, he admitted he was “f**ked up.” But at that point, she needed to keep her cool. The newlyweds had been gone from the reception for quite a bit and just needed to get things rolling so they could celebrate with their friends and family. So he gets to work on doing her hair. Once he was finished? Natalie HATED it! She said:

“I look at him and said, ‘You’re not seriously going to let me go out there looking like this are you’ And he leaned up against the wall and rolled his eyes. I took it out and he said ‘You know what, I don’t need this bulls**t.’ I said, ‘What bulls**t?’ He said, ‘The s**t that you and Nick are doing to me discounting my rate. F**k you and f**k him.’”

About his issue with the fee…

Nick and Natalie explained they only asked for a discounted rate because he originally offered to do it for free as he’d get a “brand deal” for the day — and he’d done her hair before for red carpets. She still offered to pay for his hotel and flight and allowed him to be a guest at the wedding reception. He even got a plus one! Then, two days before the wedding, he demanded $2,500 since the deal fell through. Nick and Natalie didn’t have that kind of last-minute cash in their budget. And after some back and forth, they settled on $1,000.

So they already had issues with this man leading up to the big day. And then he had the audacity to walk out! The situation escalated when Nick stepped in. The Bachelor alum said:

“I go and follow him. … I’m just like, ‘Dude, are you really leaving? You’re unprofessional.’ I kept it fairly calm. He finally comes back, he’s like wobbling. He’s all f**ked up. I’m like, ‘Dude, you are so f**ked up. He goes, ‘I’m a guest.’

What the f**k?! No matter what Nick said, the guy refused to come back and fix her hair:

“Hate me all you want, call me a piece of s**t, but like this is her day and you need to go and apologize and do her hair.’ He wouldn’t do it. He walked off into the middle of the woods.”

Talk about unprofessional! Thankfully, Natalie’s makeup artist stepped up to save the day:

“She was like, ‘You just married the love of your life. It is fine. We are going to do this.’”

Jeez. This guy really was “the hairstylist from hell!” He was a complete nightmare the entire time! Natalie doesn’t mention the hairstylist’s name in the podcast. However, People revealed Glenn Ellis did her hair that day. And after this horrible experience, Natalie most likely won’t book him again. Other folks may not either! Oof. Watch the podcast (below):

[Image via Natalie Joy/Instagram]

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