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Oklahoma Man Arrested In SICKENING Rape & Murder Of 2-Year-Old Girl At Hotel

Oklahoma Toddler Caliyah Guyton Raped Murdered Hotel Michael Geiger Charged

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

An additional warning: We’ve said before that we were covering the most horrific thing we’d ever covered. But it seems like every week the bar gets lower… And this, this is just something else. We are so sorry this is a story that exists in our world…

The parents of Caliyah J. Guyton experienced a family’s worst nightmare late last week while staying at a hotel in Enid, Oklahoma. According to local news station KFOR the toddler’s body was found in the early morning hours, some time before 2 a.m., floating in the hotel pool with a pair of shorts wrapped around her neck. Medics were called but arrived to find her already unresponsive. Though everything possible was done to revive her and they rushed her to the hospital, she was finally pronounced dead.

What was found after her death was truly scarring to even read about. This was not an accidental drowning death. She had been murdered. The body of little Caliyah, dead at just 2 years old, was found to have injuries consistent with sexual assault. The Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed it. The child had been raped.

First responders had found hotel keys in the shorts around her neck, and it didn’t take long for police to identify the occupant of those rooms as the suspect they were after. Here’s what they were able to piece together…

That Night

Michael S. Geiger had arrived at the hotel on Wednesday, April 27. He had just gotten out of prison after serving 10 years on a kidnapping charge and had gotten a job at the hotel — which gave him two rooms, one to use for his work and one as a residence. They believe he made contact with Caliyah, who was at the hotel with her parents and grandparents, at the pool that day — and offered the child “chips or candy.” This apparently did not seem like a red flag to Caliyah’s parents. That night, Caliyah went to sleep under the watch of her grandfather in the family’s room, and her parents went to “hang out together” with Geiger in one of his rooms. According to authorities, the trio drank and smoked meth.

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Then, according to court documents, Geiger offered the mother, Chelsea Guyton, $5,000 “to spend 24 hours with him.” She and Caliyah’s father, Cody Buckingham, refused that offer but agreed to help him find another woman; docs say the “parents located a woman in Enid who agreed to spend time with” Geiger. The couple left to go retrieve her. This was some time before midnight.

Later, Caliyah’s grandmother finally arrived at the hotel after getting off work and noticed the family’s hotel door was slightly ajar. Caliyah was not there — however, she did not know that her grandfather was supposed to be watching her; she thought she was with the parents, who were also gone. So she didn’t panic.

It wasn’t until Caliyah’s parents got home that anyone knew the child was missing.

At 11:47 p.m. the hotel’s front desk clerk reports seeing Geiger wearing gloves and carrying a pillow case — they told a maintenance worker about the odd behavior. That maintenance worker said they then saw Geiger leaving his room with what they thought was a baby doll.

The Investigation

After learning all this, police investigated Geiger’s room and found “a very bloody scene” — which included Caliyah’s clothing strewn around the floor. They assessed the hotel room had “clearly been staged to lure [Caliyah] as it had gummy worms spread across the bed”; there were also juice bottles around the room, and the TV was still turned to a cartoon channel.

After 7 hours police were able to track down Geiger himself. He was on a nearby roof and had blood on his hands and body. Gloves and a bloody pillowcase were also found close by. The 51-year-old was arrested and has now been charged with murder in the first degreerape in the first degreekidnapping, and burglary. See more about the case (below):


GoFundMe has been set up on behalf of Caliyah’s mother to help the family pay for funeral costs. Creator Hannah Seals wrote of the late 2-year-old:

“She brought so much joy and happiness and a sense of home to everyone that knew her. Caliyah loved Minnie Mouse and baby shark. She loved different animals and exploring and learning new things.”

The idea of someone committing these heinous acts against a toddler, a symbol of innocence… it’s truly sickening. The work of a monster.

[Image via KFOR/YouTube/GoFundMe.]

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