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'Frustrating' Olivia Jade Blasted By Jada Pinkett Smith's Mom After Red Table Talk Interview

jada pinkett smith's mom reflects on 'frustrating' olivia jade red table talk

Olivia Jade may be working on her redemption story, but there’s one person who still isn’t having it.

As you probably already know, the influencer chose Red Table Talk as her first interview following her family’s involvement in the college admissions scandal. Jada Pinkett Smith and Willow Smith were on board to hear her out, but Jada’s mom Adrienne Banfield-Norris wasn’t as enthusiastic — in fact, she “fought tooth and nail” against having OJ as a guest.

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On Wednesday, Adrienne was a guest on the Keep It podcast, and talked a bit more about her not-so-warm feelings towards Lori Loughlin’s youngest daughter. She said:

“It was frustrating, but at the end of the day, I felt like people understood how I felt.”

Uh, yeah we did, Gammy! After all, Adrienne dismissed Olivia’s appearance as “the epitome of white privilege,” and told the young influencer at the time:

“I think for me, it’s like there is so much violent dehumanization that the Black community has to go through on a daily basis. There is so much devastation, particularly this year, 2020, with the pandemic and everything brought to the table about how there is so much inequality and inequity, that when you come to the table with something like this, it’s like, ‘Child, please.'”

Back on Keep It, the 67-year-old reflected on the interview:

“There were some things about it that were a little frustrating. I felt like as a 21-year-old young adult, that she needed to be way more aware of what’s going on in the world, and that was a little frustrating.”

She went on:

“I heard people make comments, like, ‘Well, kids don’t watch the news.’ Please. The news on TV is not the only place where you understand what’s going on with the world and if you think that then you’re old! Because young people are not relying on the news — my generation is not relying on the news. I’m on my phone, on social media all the time.”

We have to side with Gam on this point, too. After all, Gen Z is probably the most plugged in generation of all time, and that’s led to a lot of amazing activism. Particularly with the privilege the 21-year-old grew up with, she had plenty of resources to help her learn and grow.

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Adrienne agreed:

“There’s just a lot of education she needs to do for herself. But I understand that that’s the world they’re in. Her life experiences have not put her in the space where she needs to be concerned about those kinds of things, really. I don’t really know how to address that because it is about how you’re raised and what you’re exposed to.”

If Olivia Jade really is committed to doing better, we hope she truly listens and takes Adrienne’s words to heart, because Gammy continues to drop some VERY valuable pearls of wisdom!

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