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EXCLUSIVE: Did Orlando Brown Really Get A Tattoo Of Raven-Symone On His Chest AS AN INSULT?? His Sister Gives Us The Scoop!

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When we heard Orlando Brown had gotten a tattoo of Raven-Symon├â┬⌐‘s face on his chest, we assumed it was all about the love.
But Orlando’s sister Flo Brown reached out to exclusively to let us know her big bro does not have warm feelings for his Disney costar!
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She said he told her he “can’t stand” the That’s So Raven star:

“The tattoo of raven had to be a publicity stunt, he can’t stand Raven. Based off what he told me, she isn’t a decent person herself.”

Whoa! Orlando has been talking trash about Raven all this time, and he got her inked on his chest? Would he really do that just for the publicity? Flo has another theory:

“It’s actually almost like he’s mocking her by getting the tattoo, which I find kind of sick, but then again it’s Orlando. Wild doings are of his nature.”

Such as?

“One time we got kicked out of Universal Studios City walk because he was angry that his face wasn’t on the side of the bus that takes you up that hill to get to city walk, along with the other celebrities. Since then I haven’t been back. I found it funny then but then I realized my brother needs help.”

That’s a really good point. A tattoo of someone you say you despise is an ink-stained red flag if ever we saw one.
Flo tells us she’s praying for her brother, who has been acting “unstable” towards her lately:

“He actually cursed me out when I called him and told him the news that I had gotten married. It broke my heart because we had a very close relationship, and now we never talk. I was going through a depressing stage in my life and he came to actually visit me, he would give me encouraging words and be there for me as a brother does for his little sister. But when I got married he stopped all of that. I thought it would pass but it didn’t.”

So heartbreaking! She added:

“It hurts to see him like this.”

Agreed, gurl. So sorry to hear it.
[Image via Disney/Twitter.]

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Jun 08, 2018 15:50pm PDT