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Oscars Attempt To Ensure Last Year's Best Picture Mix-Up Doesn't Happen Again With THESE Simple Rule Changes...

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The fix is in at the Oscars this year!
And no, we don’t mean the sad lack of love for the empowering superhero film Wonder Woman.
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No, we’re talking about the fix for last year’s epic fail in which the wrong Best Picture winner was announced and had to be corrected live on TV!
In case you weren’t aware of how that snafu even happened, it was all because the partner from the accounting firm of Price-Waterhouse-Cooper, which has kept the winner envelopes secure for decades, accidentally handed the extra Best Actress envelope to Warren Beatty.
PwC’s Tim Ryan laments to AP:

“One of the most disappointing things to me was all the great work that had been done, not only last year but over the last 83 years, around accuracy, confidentiality integrity of that process. And where we got it wrong was on the handing over of the envelope.”

Since Warren and Faye Dunaway didn’t see inside until they were on stage, Warren hesitated — but Faye thought he was kidding and looked over and read La La Land, which was written under Emma Stone‘s name.
The actual winner of Best Picture was of course Moonlight.
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So how will they fix that “human error”? With these new rules:

– A new formality has been added in which the celebrity presenter will confirm they’ve been handed the correct envelope before going out on stage.
– This time, a THIRD Price-Waterhouse-Cooper partner will also be keeping track from inside the booth, in contact with the two in the wings over radio. This one will have all the winners memorized, so they’ll know the SECOND anything goes wrong.
– All three partners will attend rehearsals and practice the process. (They weren’t already doing that??)
– The two accountants who messed up last year have been replaced. Note: they have not been fired; the problem wasn’t their occupation, just their preoccupation with A-lister selfies.
– Speaking of that, the partners will not be allowed to use their cell phones AT ALL during the ceremony.

Sounds like some pretty common sense stuff to us. The ceremony may be all about show business, but at least the partners should be all business!
What do YOU think about the changes??
[Image via ABC/WENN.]

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Jan 23, 2018 15:23pm PDT

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