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Paris Jackson Lashes Out WAY HARD Over Emile Hirsch Dating Rumors & Age Gap Concerns

Paris Jackson Emile Hirsch Dating Rumors Age Gap Response

Are Paris Jackson and Emile Hirsch dating? It’s a question on a lot of folks’ minds after both posted super cute photos together on their Instagram feeds Tuesday night.

Emile snuggled his head up close to the 22-year-old singer, captioning his pic (above, inset):

“Hiding out with you”

Awww. Paris posted a nearly identical pic with the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor on her IG Stories — from what appears to be some kind of dinner party (maskless of course, but frankly we’re becoming numb to celebs doing it at this point).

Paris Jackson and Emile Hirsch Instagram Story
(c) Paris Jackson/Instagram Story

But it wasn’t the quarantine safety precautions that had people all hot and bothered over the pics.

There were tons of comments on Emile’s pic wondering whether this relationship was happening or what. Some were excited and approving, others were… a little negative. For instance, one commenter wrote:

“This relationship makes me uncomfortable.”

Another fan responded to that comment, agreeing:

“Yeah me too, she’s only 22 and he’s 35…”

It’s true, that’s a pretty big age gap between the two celebs (though we’ve obviously seen bigger).

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But for Paris, this was a particularly offensive way of thinking. She actually visited Emile’s page to lay the smackdown on the random user, writing:

“He’s actually one of the youngest homies of mine. One of my best friends is in their 50s. You probably don’t have friends older than you because elders may find you annoying or immature lol.”

Daaaang! That’s a pretty harsh clapback from usually serene Eyelids singer. But she wasn’t done. She continued to go off, writing in a separate comment:

“Not to mention another close friend of mine is 76. Age is but a number, I enjoy the company of people of all ages. I am the student and teacher of people from 5 years younger than me to 50 years older than me. Nothing wrong with that.”

Seeing how she responded, we can’t help but wonder if Paris posted the pic to her Story precisely to avoid comments like that.

But here’s our question… does she seem to be overreacting to anyone else? If she and Emile aren’t dating, why not just ignore any concerns about an age gap? Why call out someone like that?

And this isn’t the first time they’ve posted a very couple-y pic together either. In February Emile put this one up:

Paris Jackson and Emile Hirsche Instagram
CAPTION: Smile like you mean it. / (c) Emile Hirsch/Instagram

Paris has been single (so far as we know) since her breakup with longtime BF Gabriel Glenn back in August.

While she didn’t explicitly deny the relationship, she did repost a meme made by a fan expressing how just posting a photo with a guy gets her hounded with questions about dating.

Paris Jackson BF meme Instagram Story
(c) Paris Jackson/Instagram Story

But again… is that a denial tho?? LOLz!

Do YOU think Paris doth protest too much? Or is she just calling out people being ignorant?

[Image via Paris Jackson/Emile Hirsch/Instagram.]

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