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Holy Smoke! Marijuana Is Kosher During Passover, According To Leading Rabbi -- But There's A Catch!

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Mazel Tov, Jewish stoners!
Marijuana use doesn’t sit well with every religion — but according to a leading rabbi, smoking 420 is totally kosher for Passover!
Some Jews consider cannabis to be a member of the kitniyot — a group of grains and legumes that are banned during the sacred festival.
But Belarusian rabbi Chaim Kanievsky told The Times of Israel that Jews from all backgrounds are free to toke up during Passover — as long as they’re using it for medical purposes!
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The 88-year-old, who lives in Israeli city Bnei Brak, was featured in a YouTube video with another renowned rabbi being presented with the drug.
Pro-legalization group Cannabis Israel uploaded the video, which showed the rabbi getting a whiff of the “healing” smell of the cannabis before helping bless the leaves.
Though recreational use of the popular plant is illegal under Israeli law, weed is prescribed for patients with certain illnesses — like those going through chemotherapy or chronic pain from Parkinson’s disease.
So, there you have it — feel free to light up a joint this Passover and not feel guilty, as long as you have a legit reason for using it!
But who says “boredom” isn’t a chronic medical condition? (JK y’all, drugs are BAD! LOLz!)
Ch-ch-check out the rabbi blessing some weed (below)!

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Apr 22, 2016 13:51pm PDT