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Twitter HATES The New Peloton Stationary Bike Ad -- Is It Inspirational Or Annoying AF?

Peloton bike commercial causes mass hysteria

Peloton is feeling the burn… of social media critics over its seemingly innocuous holiday ad.

For those who haven’t seen it yet, the 30-second clip (below) kicks off with a husband surprising his very fit wife with a Peloton stationary bike on Christmas morn, a pretty nice gift at a starting price of $2,245.

We then follow her on her Peloton journey, which stars with her admitting she’s “a little nervous, but excited” to go on her first ride.

As Tal Bachman’s 1999 hit She’s So High plays, the woman is seen rushing in the door to get a post-work workout in, waking up at 6 a.m. to do the same, and enthusiastically reacting to a Peloton instructor knowing her name.

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As she and her husband sit on a couch and watch video footage of her progress over the past year, she says: 

“A year ago, I didn’t realize how much this would change me. Thank you.”

Here it is for those who (somehow!) haven’t yet seen:

Like most stationary bikes, the video rubbed quite a few people the wrong way.

In the weeks since the high-end fitness equipment company released the commercial on YouTube late last month, viewers expressed their frustrations with the ad’s message. Some took issue with the husband seemingly wanting his already fit wife to lose weight, while others mocked her being “nervous” about riding a stationary bike at home. 

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Some just felt bad for the woman who seemed to be tasked by her hubby with a yearlong fitness regimen:

“I think what bothers me about the Peleton ad is the look on that woman’s face throughout the commercial, like she’s apologizing for her very existence on this earth.”

“For the love of god don’t get your significant other a Peleton or any exercise gear for a gift unless they’ve explicitly expressed consent”

“How come the lady in the Peleton ad has eyes that scream “help me”?”

“I’m gonna marry the peloton wife and let her do whatever she wants and bake her garlic bread every night and give her scarves for Christmas.”

Others focused more on the husband’s point of view, joking: 

“No offense to the Peloton lady but if your Christmas gift to me is just a video of you using the Christmas gift I got you last year then you’re not getting another Christmas present from me again.”

“make fun of the peleton commercial all you want but the only present I’m giving from here on out is a vid of me using whatever the person gave me last year and if they didn’t give me anything it’s gonna be a 3 minute film of me just staring at the camera”

Fair point!

Our fave is this hilarious parody one Twitter user made:

Despite the trouncing it took on Twitter, the brand’s stock went up 4.6 percent on Monday, according to CNBC, proving that companies are still very much benefiting from the internet’s hysteria. 

What do U think about the ad, Perezcious readers? Inspirational or annoying AF?? Share your thoughts in the comments!

[Image via YouTube]

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