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Stop! This Penis-Enlarging TikTok Trend Could Actually Make It Smaller!

Stop! This Penis-Enlarging TikTok Trend Could Actually Make It Smaller!

Stop playing rough with your wee wee! It might end up making it smaller!

You may have heard about the hot new trend on TikTok, but doctors are warning against it: jelqing, the practice of yanking on your manhood with the hope of increasing its size. It pretty much goes as follows: you grab your semi-erect penis between your thumb and forefinger and repeatedly stretch it from the base to the tip. The idea is that over time, penile tissue rips, making way for scar tissue to form, eventually making it bigger.

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But the method could actually have the OPPOSITE effect!

According to docs, the practice can contribute to Peyronie’s Disease, which can cause “curved, painful erections,” according to the Mayo Clinic.


It also can even “make the penis shorter while erect.” All that work just to DECREASE your manhood?? No thanks!

Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt, urologist at Orlando Health, told the in 2019 that it can even lead to erectile dysfunction:

“Those repeated, traumatic movements can translate into scarring, but that can then translate into Peyronie’s Disease, where you form a plaque, that can be associated with erectile dysfunction and pain as well.”

He added:

“t’s a complete waste of guys’ time.”

Well there you have it! Stop tuggin’ on your privates! Or at least in this painful way! Ha!

Did YOU know about jelqing?? Let us know in the comments down below!

[Image via Anitta/YouTube]

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