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Some Kim Kardashian Fans Think Pete Davidson Will Make The 'Best Dad' -- But Has He Even Met Her Kids Yet?!

Some Kim Kardashian Fans Think Pete Davidson Will Make The 'Best Dad' -- But Has He Even Met Her Kids Yet?!

Does Pete Davidson have what it takes to be a dad?! …Or more to the point for this, does Pete have what it takes to be a dad alongside momma Kim Kardashian?!?!

These are the questions being posed by fans right now in the days after Pete’s mom Amy Davidson shocked the world with her apparent approval to possibly see grandbabies on the way from the Saturday Night Live star and his famous girlfriend!

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Perezcious readers will recall how earlier this week, Amy responded publicly in a VERY positive way regarding a fan prediction on Instagram that Kim would be “pregnant with [Pete’s] baby by the end of the year.” After Amy dropped her “Yayyyy!” response to that fan theory, it quickly went viral across IG, and users came out of the proverbial woodwork to consider Pete’s potential talents as a father.

In the comments of one IG screenshot post of Amy’s take on Pete’s possible family planning (click HERE to see it), the reaction was overwhelmingly positive! Here are just a few of the fan thoughts shared in response to Amy’s optimistic grandparent hopes, with one claiming Pete would be the “best dad,” and others adding (below):

“His mom is so cute. I could see Pete and Kim wanting to have a kid or two together if their continues to progress so positively. Pete would be such a sweet involved dad.”

“If Kris Jenner can have 6 kids by two different dads then Kim K can for sure!! Most likely surrogate again.”

“Omg I know he has said in his interviews he has always wanted a child.”

“Maybe Amy knows something we don’t know lol. Bc yeah it seems a weird comment to make on a fan acct.”

“He wants a child. If they stay together I can definitely see them using a surrogate. Plus Kourtney is trying to have a baby with Travis.”


Definitely fun to think about, that’s for sure. Pete has such a fun, refreshing, happy-go-lucky way about him, so we could see him being a totally fun father one day!

We just have one question about all this: is the possibility of parenthood for real at this point? We mean, how could Kim rate Pete’s poppa potential when he allegedly has not even met Kim’s four kids yet?!

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According to an E! News report over the weekend, despite five months of dating, the Meet Cute actor apparently still has yet to be introduced to North, 8, Saint, 6, Chicago, 4, and Psalm, 2! A source close to the SKIMS founder told the outlet as of last Friday Davidson had still not met the four kiddos Kim shares with ex Kanye West. Wow, really? They’re “branding the skin” serious but not “meet the kids” serious??

Still, the insider was hopeful about Pete’s future with Kim’s famous family, explaining:

“Kim loves having him around her family and sisters. They are getting pretty serious and Kim’s excited to incorporate him more into her life.”

She’s excited to do that at some point… in the future?

That’s nice and all, but it would seem to indicate Pim is quite a ways away from making the move to have kids together, right?! Meeting Kim’s kids would likely be a major hurdle to cross first, before even thinking about going in on parenting together!

What do U think, Perezcious readers??

Sound OFF with your take on the matter down in the comments (below)…

[Image via MEGA/WENN/Kim Kardashian/Instagram]

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