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Pete Davidson Caught On Video Shoving Overzealous Fan During NY Knicks Playoff Game!

Pete Davidson Caught On Video Shoving Overzealous Fan During New York Knicks Playoff Game!

Don’t invade Pete Davidson‘s personal space!

The King Of Staten Island star took in the New York Knicks playoff game on Sunday night at Madison Square Garden in NYC. And when one fan got a little too close for comfort, Pete had to put him in his place!

Kim Kardashian‘s ex-boyfriend was on hand to watch the Knicks beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in game four of their critical NBA playoff series matchup. But the victory on the court wasn’t the big story — it was Pete’s push!!

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An unidentified older fan came up to Pete while he was signing autographs and interacting with other fans at the game. But rather than wait his turn — and keep a couple feet of respectful distance between himself and the comedian — this guy got all up in Pete’s grill!!

The Meet Cute star responded by giving a shove to the guy to move him away and get some separation between ’em. As you can see in two different video angles (below), Pete was being pestered by the dude for a while before he finally had enough:


To be honest, we side with Pete on this one. It’s never good to push people, of course. But the guy made multiple points of contact while the comedian was clearly ignoring him. And he put his arm around the A-lister, too?! Dude, come on. Too much!!!

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The 29-year-old put an end to it really quickly and didn’t escalate things further than that. Pushing isn’t ideal, but we get it. Pete has legit safety concerns, so there’s no need to get that close!! We can’t blame Pete — and don’t think the refs will call a foul on it either!

Twitter got it, too, as you can see with their reactions (below):

“Totally warranted IMO”

“He was definitely bugging him. Like bro thats enough.”

“Keep your hands to yourself. Just because someone is a celebrity doesn’t mean you get to invade their personal space. Do better”

“The guy was aggravating!!!”

“I’m not a fan of Pete, but that middle-aged guy was too much.”

“Yeah that was creepy. He kept touching his neck and cuddling his head up to him: good job Pete.”

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[Image via CThaGod/YouTube/MEGA/WENN]

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