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Adam Sandler Movie Pal Peter Dante Arrested Over Alleged Death Threats To Neighbor's Wife & Children!

Dude Who's Been In All Those Adam Sandler Movies Arrested For Doing WHAT To His Neighbors?!

One of the guys who’s been in just about every Adam Sandler film is finding himself in hot water right now after an ugly altercation at his home.

Peter Dante has played memorable supporting characters and comedic roles in nearly every classic film from the Happy Madison crew, from The Wedding Singer to Grandma’s Boy. Now he’s in BIG trouble for something that isn’t funny at all — allegedly threatening to kill his neighbor!

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According to TMZ, law enforcement sources in El Lay say cops showed up at Peter’s SoCal house on Wednesday morning after he allegedly “went berserk” on his neighbor.

The reason for the man’s anger? Construction noise!


Cops claim Dante was pissed because apparently the neighbor has been doing some remodeling work on his house, and the actor was tired of all the construction noise coming from next door. Hey, man, we get it, construction can be annoying. But in most cases it’ll be done soon enough, and then you can move on with your life, ya know??

Now Dante can’t do that so easily, because the LAPD arrested him for making felony criminal threats. Reportedly, the confrontation escalated so much that Peter threatened to kill his neighbor and “harm his wife and their kids.” All this over some construction noise?! Jeez!!!

Dante was arrested, taken into custody, and booked after cops investigated. He was held on $50,000 bail, which he posted that evening, at which point he was released. Must be an awkward situation back in the neighborhood now, to say the least…

BTW, this isn’t the first time Dante has been caught up with the law. Back in 2013, he was thrown out of an El Lay hotel after allegedly making violent threats and using racial slurs.

Sounds like a stand-up guy!

Yeah, no. He actually kind of sounds more like his mean quarterback character from The Waterboy

Just saying!!!

It may be worth noting, this week has not been without other stress for Dante. He and the whole Happy Madison crew lost one of their original members, Norm Macdonald, who passed away at the age of 61 after a secret battle with cancer. Peter posted a tribute to his fallen friend on Tuesday:

Obviously even grieving is no excuse for death threats. But at the very least it may put this blowup into a little more context.

[Image via Touchstone Pictures/YouTube]

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