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Man Can't Stop Kicking Himself For Turning Down Drinks With Adam Sandler 22 Years Ago!

Man regrets not having drinks with Adam Sandler 22 years ago!

When opportunity knocks, ANSWER THE DOOR!

That’s the lesson filmmaker David Seth Cohen has learned a little too late in life — 22 years late, to be exact, as that marks the time that’s passed since he turned down Adam Sandler on an invitation of drinks that could’ve changed the trajectory of his career! Oops!

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Of course, Sandler has been in the news recently after a restaurant hostess evidently failed to recognize the Murder Mystery actor and turned him away from a Long Island IHOP last month.

But Cohen, who spoke to the New York Post about his interaction with Sandler 22 years ago while working as a production assistant on the 1998 film Big Daddy, says that hostess’ story is NOTHING! Seriously!

The now-45-year-old explained to the outlet how he now regrets turning down the Happy Gilmore legend after being invited to have a drink with him at his NYC apartment one night during filming!

Cohen said:

“The IHOP thing is nothing. She thinks she has pain? This girl didn’t let him sit at a table. Imagine passing up a drink with your hero. I’ve been kicking myself since 1998. I never forgave myself.”


Cohen — who was just 22 at the time and completely starstruck as Sandler started doing “some of his trademark goofy voices” while making the drink offer — weighed it out in his head. The comedian was one of his heroes, but Cohen recalls that he was still working and “on the clock” at the time, and needed to finish some of his assigned work on the movie set.

Calling it “one of those angel-devil moments,” he reluctantly passed up on hanging with Sandler. And with it, as he looks back now, Cohen thinks it forever altered the trajectory of his entire career!

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The regret is so strong that Cohen even made a documentary about the experience called Finding Sandler. First released in 2009 before being updated and re-released this year, Cohen’s doc examines the biggest regret of his life, and hopes for a happy ending: finally getting that drink with the Billy Madison star.

Cohen appears to have thought a lot about this, too. He told the Post that Sandler’s famous loyalty to friends could have impacted his own professional career, explaining:

“This was my opportunity to get into the inner circle of a comedy legend. Adam helps out people he likes and always works with his friends. Even my mom said, ‘You’re an idiot. What were you thinking?’ and my 10-year-old cousin said, ‘Someone should hit you with a barstool.'”


Cohen’s documentary work on the Sandler incident — which includes interviewing celebs like Emeril Lagasse and Billy Joel about taking part in the long-awaited drinks — has been persistent.

It’s also evidently unnerved some people; back in 2007, the Uncut Gems star’s manager reportedly once suggested Cohen should “stop production” and drop the whole thing, according to the spurned filmmaker himself. (For the record, when contacted by the Post, a Sandler rep denied ever telling Cohen to stop production.)

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Now Cohen is shopping his updated documentary on the festival circuit — and is still hoping for that drink. What an ordeal!

Reactions, Perezcious readers? Think Cohen will ever get that drink? Could saying “yes” 22 years ago have really changed his film career?!

Sound OFF with your take down in the comments (below)..

[Image via Universal Pictures/YouTube]

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