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Pregnant Woman's Husband Shot Dead Jumping In Front Of Bullet To Protect 4-Year-Old Son

Pregnant Woman's Husband Shot Dead Jumping In Front Of Bullet To Protect 4-Year-Old Son

A man from Texas made the ultimate sacrifice in order to protect his family.

On Saturday afternoon, Dallas Police Department responded to a shooting near South St. Augustine Drive. Upon their arrival, they discovered 24-year-old father Juvenal Antero had been shot after an attempted robbery at his apartment, which took place when his wife and 4-year-old son were present.

According to a recounting of events by the victim’s wife Elizabel Cardenas, there were two men outside of their home asking for help and requesting a plunger. She denied them and attempted to shut the door, only to be ambushed by one of the men who pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot her.

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Speaking to KXAS, she tearfully recalled:

“He showed me the gun and said for everybody to get on the ground.”

In a separate interview with WFAA, the matriarch revealed how she attempted to fight back, but ultimately her husband’s heroism saved her son’s — and likely her own — life:

“I’m slamming the door on his hand, and I’m holding the door with all the strength that I could pull. My husband grabbed his weapon and jumped in front of my son and protected my son and they started shooting at him.”

Sadly, Cardenas said her husband was dealt a fatal gunshot wound by the intruder:

“He said, ‘They hit me, they hit me, I don’t wanna die in here.'”

After being rushed to the local hospital, Antero tragically succumbed to his injuries, leaving behind a heartbroken family and a son who’s still too little to understand. Speaking to KXAS, his wife said:

“My son keeps asking me, ‘When is my dad going to be alive again?’ Things that no child is supposed to witness or supposed to ask. I don’t wish this on anyone … There are no words that nobody’s words can comfort me. You know, the detective didn’t let me touch his body, or let me hold his hand. He was evidence.”

So, so gut-wrenching. We can’t imagine…

The pregnant mother heartbreakingly told WFAA in a statement that she and her husband were due to go hear the heartbeat of their new baby… something he will now never get to do:

“I’ve suffered two miscarriages. We’ve been trying for these couple of years. It finally happened… I have to welcome this new baby into the world without a father … We were supposed to hear the heart.”

Even more tragically, the suspects got away and police have yet to find any leads. Police call this investigation “ongoing” and urge anyone with information to reach out. Meanwhile, Cardenas is pleading for the murderers to just turn themselves in to spare the family more heartache.

Our hearts go out to Antero’s family, especially his wife and children, as they navigate this unimaginable loss. He is a true hero.


[Image via WFAA/YouTube]

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