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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's Archewell Foundation Donations Have CRATERED! They LOST Money Last Year!

Harry & Meghan's Archewell Charity Donations Have CRATERED!

Umm… Prince Harry and Meghan Markle aren’t feeling the love anymore!

The couple’s charity Archewell Foundation is seriously struggling to pull in donations these days. They’re literally down nearly $11 MILLION in just one year! Holy s**t!

According to, an income tax return filed in the US on Tuesday revealed that the duo brought in just over $2 million in donations in 2022 — that’s down from $12.9 million the year before. That’s over an 84% drop! Wow! What the f**k happened?!?

Here’s the deal. After starting relatively small in 2020 (by raising less than $50k), they saw a massive surge in funding thanks to a mystery donor in 2021 who gave them a staggering $10 million! But the well dried up fast since it appears that individual wasn’t willing to hand over any more cash. Instead, per DM‘s investigative work, the foundation had just two major donors last year, from whom they took in just $1 million total. And because of this severe drop in funding, they’re already feeling the burn!

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Per the outlet, the org netted $9 million in 2021, but last year they ended up losing money! With a revenue of $2 million and costs of $2.67 million, they were out $674,485 in 2022. OOF!! Brings a whole new meaning to “non-profit”!

Aside from funding their charity work, the foundation had to fork over $640,441 to pay their five employees, which is basically the same as what they lost. It’s important to note Harry and Meghan did NOT take a salary — but executive director James Holt did. In fact, he saw about a $170,000 pay raise. He reportedly made $59,846 in 2021 (though the outlet learned that this wasn’t a 12-month salary since he joined halfway through the year). So now that he was working year-round, he was bumped up to $227,405 a year, including a $20,000 bonus. Not too shabby! But when a non-profit isn’t bringing in money for charitable endeavors, what, uh, exactly is it he’s being paid for?

Clearly, the charity must not be worried about their future if they’re willing to pay James so much while simultaneously going into the red! And there may be a reason for this. The non-profit reportedly still has about $8.3 million in cash and assets. Plus, it’s pretty normal for a high-profile foundation to earn a large amount early on, which could then be spread out over time and cause them to reduce funding in the future. But we find it hard to believe they’re not a little freaked. We mean, they’re clearly going the wrong direction! Combine that with their declining popularity and it’s not a pretty picture.

Either way, Harry and Meghan are staying positive! They also released their 2022-2023 Impact Report this week, which was shared alongside a recap video of all the missions they supported. From clips of rebuilding a playground in Uvalde, Texas following a horrific school shooting to them speaking at the World Mental Health Day Festival just weeks ago and so much more, check out their year’s highlights HERE.

They certainly don’t seem to be dwelling on the lack of donations… But something’s gonna have to change soon if they want to stay in business more than a couple more years! Reactions? Sound OFF (below)!!

[Image via Archewell Foundation]

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