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Prince Kicked Foster The People's Frontman The Eff Out Of His Concert!

This is what it sounds like… when doves celebs cry!
Ha! JK!
Mark Foster of Foster the People didn’t cry when he was kicked out of a Prince concert last night, but he was upset!
Cameras caught the British-born frontman arguing with a bouncer outside Hollywood’s Sayers Club after security ejected him for talking on his portable telly during the intimate performance!!
Apparently The Artist Formerly Known As “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince” does not tolerate cellphones in his private concerts and we understand why!!
Watching the legendary musician shred the solo at the end of Purple Rain would be a life-changing event and we’d be severely miffed if some yahoo next to us were yucking it up on the phone!
Thankfully, the bouncers came to their senses after Mark repeatedly informed them that he was famous!
He was eventually allowed to re-enter the club and enjoy the rest of Prince’s show!
[Image via Brian To/WENN.]

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Oct 26, 2012 15:41pm PDT