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Prince William Is 'Jealous' Of Prince Harry's Invictus Games Success?!

Prince William Was 'Jealous' Of Harry's Invictus Games Success?!

Prince William is feeling “jealousy” for Prince Harry?! Didn’t see that coming…

The Duke of Sussex opened up about the Invictus Games in a Good Morning America interview earlier this month which was included in the new ABC News special, Prince Harry’s Mission: Life, Family and Invictus Games. In the doc out on Saturday, several sources opened up about the org Harry founded — and how it has continued to tear a rift between the estranged brothers.

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Robert Jobson said the sports competition has become the Spare author’s “number one passion project,” and he’s been able to keep it growing despite all the controversy with his family. The expert shared:

“It’s been very successful since its outset. It doesn’t come cheap, it costs a lot of money, and he’s been able to continue to raise that money throughout this period, which is impressive.”

But apparently the Prince of Wales is a bit vexed his younger sibling is having so much success with it? Jobson theorized:

“But I think there was a degree of jealousy about how well it had gone. I do think that William was surprised how much this had been such a success and how much money was being thrown into it and how many governments were getting involved.”

If you don’t know, the games used to be more of a family affair. They were created in 2014 by Harry as a patron of The Royal Foundation, the charitable organization the brothers and Princess Catherine used to run. Meghan Markle joined the group following her 2018 wedding. During the first Invictus Games in 2014, William, King Charles III, and other members of the family attended. Queen Elizabeth II even supported the second cycle of events by appearing in a sketch with Barack and Michelle Obama.

But when the couples split offices in 2019, Harry and Meghan left The Royal Foundation to create their own org. They then stepped back from royal duties in 2020, taking the Invictus Games with them. And since then, anyone attached to The Firm has distanced themselves from the project. Royal commentator Victoria Murphy explained in the special:

“Harry is no longer a working royal. Invictus no longer sits under the umbrella of organizations that the royal family officially are part of and therefore, they haven’t mentioned it at all since Harry stepped back as a working royal.”

So it makes sense why Will would be frustrated. He once had a role in the games — but now all the glory goes to his bro! Just one of many reasons he’s upset with the Archewell founder these days, we guess!

Interestingly, this beef isn’t too surprising considering Harry’s been open about how competitive the siblings have always been — perhaps thanks to their “heir/spare” roles. Even in times of sickness as their father battles cancer they haven’t been able to see eye-to-eye on anything, Murphy added:

“I thought it was really interesting not just that William didn’t want to see Harry when he came over to the U.K. but he was happy for people to know that he had no plans to see him. I think that says a lot about how significant those hostilities still are.”

Oof. Truly so sad. And it’s kinda crazy that with all of the privilege and power William has, he’d still find a reason to be so jealous about his brother’s work! Thoughts? Sound OFF (below)!

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