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Prince William & Princess Catherine's Mistake Was The Reason King Charles Was Annoyed At His Coronation!

Prince William & Princess Catherine Caused 'Awkward Scene' By Being Late To Charles' Coronation

Whoops! Sounds like Prince William and Princess Catherine almost ruined King Charles III‘s coronation!

In his new book The Making of a King: King Charles III and the Modern Monarchy, royal biographer Robert Hardman reflects on the monarch’s coronation one year after the fact — and revealed there was a massive snafu behind the scenes!

According to the author, Charles and Queen Camilla arrived for the crowning at Westminster Abbey before their heirs — causing a ton of last-minute logistical issues! Hardman wrote:

“Unbeknown to them, the Prince and Princess of Wales and their two younger children are running a minute and a half late. The Waleses are supposed to be there eight minutes ahead of the King and Queen. Yet they will now arrive after them.”

A minute and a half might not seem like a big problem, but for an event as planned out and choreographed as this, it was a HUGE issue!

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The writer continued:

“Although the congregation inside the abbey don’t know it, there is an awkward scene unfolding outside as the King and Queen are in their coach. It is an added layer of stress that the couple really do not want or need on a day like this.”

As you may recall, His Majesty was actually caught on camera by Sky News looking super upset at the time. According to a lipreader’s translation via the author, the 75-year-old complained:

“‘We can never be on time…There’s always something…This is boring.'”

The journalist compared this grumpy AF behavior to Charles’ pen tantrum, pointing out:

“As with his irksome pen in the days after his mother’s death, it’s a snapshot of a man under extreme pressure in the full gaze of the world’s media.”

Hah! He was definitely quick to get frustrated at the time! But it’s worth noting he was also dealing with his sons’ rift being at the center of the headlines again and mourning Queen Elizabeth II, so it’s no wonder he was stressed!

As for why things got so mixed up in the first place, sources aren’t totally sure. Some told the writer William and Kate’s decision to make a video recapping the coronation added “precious seconds” to their already busy schedule, but different insiders felt that it was actually Charles and Camilla themselves who threw off the plans! Because the royals arrived at the abbey early, the Wales’ car supposedly got stuck behind their procession, making it impossible to beat them to the festivities. Still, it’s wild to think this clumsiness on such an important day.

Recalling Will and Kate’s entrance with Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis (Prince George walked in separately as a Page of Honor just ahead of them), Robert mused:

“It is unusual for the two most important arrivals at such a significant event, and over such a well-trodden route, to be so unpunctual. The result is some frantic rewriting of the running order. There isn’t time for the Waleses and their two younger children to enter ahead of the King and Queen. They must now follow behind and bring up the rear.”

Certainly not the worst thing that could’ve happened! And with all the drama surrounding Prince Harry’s attendance, any logical issues went over the average fan’s head! But it does add some clarity to why Charles was so irritated!

See how all this played out on TV (below):

It does seem funny the Wales family came in after Charles and Camilla now that we watch it back! But at least they made it in time! Thoughts? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN]

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