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Princess Catherine’s Friends 'Sickened' By Her Portrayal In Harry & Meghan First Look!

Princess Catherine’s Friends Are ‘Sickened’ By Her Portrayal In Harry & Meghan First Look!

Prince William and Princess Catherine AKA Kate Middleton’s friends are not too happy with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry following the first look at their highly-anticipated docuseries!

Royal expert Richard Eden says pals of the Prince and Princess of Wales are “sickened” by how the couple was portrayed in the teaser trailer for Harry & Meghan, which Netflix dropped earlier on Thursday. He told, :

“I was appalled when I watched this trailer, frankly. It’s everything we feared, it really is. I’ve heard from Friends of Prince William and Catherine today, and they’ve been frankly sickened by what’s appeared in this video. The use of William and Catherine and the image and the way it’s presented, my goodness.”

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He specifically pointed out the moment when a black-and-white picture of Meghan crying into her hands flashed across the screen before cutting to a picture of a “stony faced, stern image of Catherine” taken during the Commonwealth Day Ceremony at Westminster in March 2020, saying:

“Remember, this is a service that Omid Scobie, Meghan’s cheerleader, wrote about. He said that Harry and Meghan had been left that William and Catherine had refused to make even eye contact with them that day and this seems to be referring to that.”

See the hard cut he’s talking about (below):

Richard says friends of William & Kate also feel the documentary team “have gone to great lengths to find the one unflattering image of Catherine for this trailer,” before slamming Meghan directly:

“I mean come on, Meghan is meant to have given up acting but she seems to be back acting again for this reality show or documentary series. We don’t just see her in tears at one point. That’s not enough: not one single tear dripping down her cheek. No, no, she has to tub her face to emphasize these tears. This could be an Oscar winning performance.”


Beyond the “unflattering” pic comment, Richard noted how the timing of the teaser’s release did not seem to be just a coincidence. He believes the Duke and Duchess of Sussex intentionally dropped the first look in the middle of William and Catherine’s trip to Boston in order to “upstage” them:

“The timing of this trailer could hardly be worse. We’ve got William and Catherine going on their big American visit. They’ve got the ceremony for the Earthshot Prize on Friday. And the day before comes this curtain racer comes this trailer, which of course will attract huge interest and be watched around the world.”

He continued:

“It’s a deliberate attempt to upstage [Kate and William] and the use of their images in it really rams that point home, you know, this documentary series is meant to be about Harry and Meghan. Yet, they’re featuring William and Catherine in the one minute trailer.”

The drama surrounding the couple and the members of the royal family are part of their story, so we aren’t surprised they were included in the video! But is the timing the worst it could be? Hmm…

Ultimately, Richard thinks the palace is going to be on edge about what will come out of this docuseries soon:

“I think the royal family will be waiting nervously to see what’s in it next week, you know. The trailer is deliberately meant to whet the appetite of the public and that’s what it’s doing and they’re certainly hinting at, you know, a lot of controversy, a lot of scandal. It’s ‘see behind closed doors,’ that’s what they are emphasising in this trailer. I think there’s going to be a lot of nerves in the palaces this evening.”

Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Do you also believe the picture of Catherine and the timing of the teaser release was a deliberate jab at the royals? Drop your reactions in the comments below!

[Image via MEGA/WENN]

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