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Amy Robach & T.J. Holmes Won't Face Discipline From GMA For Relationship!

Amy Robach & T.J. Holmes Won't Face Discipline from 'GMA' For Relationship!

Well, would you look at that! Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes aren’t going anywhere!

According to TMZ’s network sources on Thursday, the controversial Good Morning America co-anchors will not be punished following news of their relationship!

As Perezcious readers know, the GMA3 stars have been under the spotlight this week following an explosive report on Wednesday that revealed the pair had been in a secret months-long affair — despite both being married for 12 years! While neither T.J. nor Amy has made a statement about their relationship, it’s been reported that they each split from their spouses, Marilee Fiebig and Andrew Shue, respectively, in August. Some sources say this is when their friendship blossomed into romance — though others have speculated things grew hot and heavy while they trained for the New York City Half Marathon in the spring and spent time in London for Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee in the summer. Either way, they’ve been together for quite some time under the radar!

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Considering the messiness of the rumored affair, insiders for The Sun believed it was likely the couple was going “to be pushed out” of the morning daytime series. But, interestingly, they did appear together on Thursday morning’s episode of GMA3, regardless of the chatter.

Now, TMZ’s sources believe this proves they will not face repercussions for their actions. In fact, the insiders don’t think what Amy and T.J. did warrants punishment since they are both consenting adults on equal levels in the company who have a right to date who they want. One network confidant went on to insist the fact they were on national TV a day after the report hit the internet shows neither will suffer any consequences. Though we should hope they stay together or their gig could get very awkward!

Via Page Six, another source close to the couple described the pair’s first day back following the scandal as “wonderful.” Despite rumors that other GMA stars are furious with the controversy, they felt “supported and loved” by their colleagues, who even said a prayer with them! One said:

“They’re not ashamed. They’re two consenting adults, who ended up loving each other.”

Thursday morning was supposedly the first time Amy and T.J., who arrived at the studio “as a couple,” were together in person to process the ordeal:

“They hadn’t seen each other since Tuesday. It’s not how they wanted [news of their relationship] to come out, but it’s also kind of a relief.”

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time the reporters have had to deal with relationship rumors. Sources with direct knowledge told TMZ several YEARS ago, Amy went to ABC execs to dispel rumors she and T.J. were an item. At the time, she knew the company was buzzing with talk about them supposedly having hooked up, and she wanted to reassure her bosses they were nothing more than best friends.

Page Six’s sources shared similar thoughts, claiming the pair became friends in 2014, and rumors of them hooking up at separate events ran rampant in 2017. It “freaked them out” so much, they were afraid to be around each other! The insider dished:

“The rumors freaked them out. They panicked. They weren’t true, and after that, they were terrified to hang out together or be on-air and be too friendly.”

Well, there’s no need to hide now!

But when did things turn romantic? This is the question on everyone’s mind right now! Several sources are sticking to one story: this wasn’t an affair. One insider told TMZ they got together “shortly after” they each split from their partners in August. They had plans to eventually go public with their romance, but they were waiting until Amy’s divorce from the Melrose Place actor was finalized (in about two weeks). They were completely blindsided by the DM photos, and until then, they had reportedly told NO ONE.

As for Page Six’s sources, one person familiar with the duo told the outlet they’ve been “good friends for eight years.” The person in the know also insisted the celebs didn’t get together until after they’d each split from their significant others. Speaking of marital issues, let’s get into what went wrong in each of their relationships. The publication heard plenty about that that!

Several of their sources revealed T.J. and his wife have had struggles over the years, including rumors of his infidelity (which makes sense when you go back and read his viral anniversary post from 2020). Last year is when things reached a breaking point and they hit a rough patch — it was so bad, the former BET correspondent moved out temporarily! Dang.

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There was a (brief) happy ending when the 45-year-old TV personality moved back in and they reconciled. Unfortunately, it was very short-lived and the anchor moved out for good about “four months ago” (AKA in August). It was during this time that he began to lean on Amy to get him through the difficult split:

“The only person he could lean on was Amy when he was having trouble with his marriage again recently. Amy was the first person he reached out to. No one knew he was getting a divorce until yesterday.”

Meanwhile, Amy was probably coming to those heart-to-heart conversations with her own marital baggage! A third source told the outlet Amy and Andrew had also been struggling:

“Amy and Andrew had a few bumps, and it’s always felt like they were exploring avenues.”

They called things off “about six months ago.” A fourth insider insisted “she was very upset about it.” And for the record, it doesn’t sound like cheating was part of the equation at all:

“They were really close and tried to make it work … She was very sad about her marriage ending. It didn’t seem like it was over cheating.”

Sounds like T.J. and Amy were leaning on each other at the exact right time – and emotions just took off from there. Interestingly, the outlet’s sources said “no one was blindsided” by Robach and Holmes’ relationship, including their spouses, but it does sound like their children didn’t know about the relationship until the headlines. One source shared:

“They [feel they] don’t owe anyone anything … They’re upset that their daughters had to be exposed to it this way, but there’s nothing they’re ashamed of.”

Oof. That is tough.

T.J. and Marilee share a daughter, Sabine. T.J.’s also dad to Jaiden and Brianna with his ex-wife Amy Ferson. Meanwhile, Amy shares Ava and Annie with her ex Tim McIntosh (she was also a stepparent to Andrew’s three sons from a previous marriage). Bit of a rough way to be introduced to your parent’s new partner! Yeesh. Still, despite the drama, Amy and T.J. aren’t ashamed of their romance:

“It’s the most difficult part of their lives that they’re experiencing. It’s a friendship that clicked and became more … and it happens.”

Per TMZ‘s insider, they are once again expected to be on the air together on Friday, but they will not be discussing their relationship. We’d have to imagine at some point they’ll come clean, right? Or are they just going to let this storm blow over? Thoughts? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Good Morning America/Hulu]

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