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QAnon Conspiracy Theorist Who Beheaded Father Wrote Book Urging Others To Murder THEIR Families Too!

QAnon Conspiracy Theorist Justin Mohn Cut Off Fathers Head Book Told People Murder Revolution

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

The Pennsylvania man who allegedly cut off his father’s head and showed it off in a YouTube video was apparently just getting started.

If you haven’t heard the shocking story, Justin Mohn is facing charges of first-degree murder and abuse of a corpse after reportedly displaying his dad’s severed head on the streaming site. Why would he do that? Well, the video — titled “Call to Arms for American Patriots” — was all the explanation we need, as he ranted about Joe Biden leading a “war” on America. This is a man who’s been radicalized by right–wing talking points, which have gotten more and more violent over the past few years.

And Mohn has been one of those spreading them.

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The conspiracy theorist’s views are in line with QAnon, and he’s even written multiple books about it, including a dystopian sci-fi novel called The Kingdom of Darkness. It was a thinly veiled COVID analogue all about how Satan was using technology to take over the world, and people of faith should shun science.

He also reportedly wrote about the spread of the “virus” of communism needing to be stopped — and how “the only logical way to do so is for every American born 1991 or later to kill anyone born before 1991.” 1991 seems a little arbitrary until you consider… he’s 33, so… it was probably the year he was born? Naturally.

Most shocking, however, was a pamphlet titled America’s Coming Bloody Revolution. More of a manifesto, the book suggest true patriots — you know, MAGA folk — should simply murder their families to keep them from voting. He writes, per Newsweek:

“Americans will have to weigh what is worse — allowing themselves to lose freedom and independence or killing their own family members, teachers, coworkers, bosses, judges, elected leaders, and other older generations.”

Those people (pretty sure he means those who vote Democrat) are “traitors” who “wish to take away the freedom and independence that comes with America, democracy, and free market capitalism.”

“Killing their own family members.” He wrote that and then allegedly chopped off his father’s head. He was serious. And he wanted others to do it, too. Scarily, his books are on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing! That one suggesting readers kill their Democrat family members? It’s been available to read since 2020!

Since the murder charge news, his profile has been removed from Amazon. But how many people did he spread his message to? It used to be this kind of psychotic behavior was localized… But this is only spreading!

We’ve warned readers a number of times how the increasingly violent rhetoric of Donald Trump and his supporters, and especially QAnon, was going to cause a lot more real-life violence before all this was over. We’ve seen in multiple cases of grown men murdering their children because it was so hammered into them how much they were surrounded by enemies. This time it’s a 33-year-old killing his father? And it won’t stop.

These sites convince people of insane conspiracy theories, like how Trump is the only person in the government fighting against an army of satan-worshipping Democrats who molest and consume children. Donald Trump. Their hero is a man who has actually been found to be a rapist in a court of law. But the further these people sink into the false reality, the more they see facts as lies, allies as enemies, truth as an enormous conspiracy being perpetrated by, well… most of the world, we guess.

Again, we must say this: please, if you know someone who has been falling down this rabbit hole, you cannot afford to sit by and hope it gets better. It’s not getting better. Be safe out there, everyone.

[Image via YouTube/Bucks County District Attorney’s Office.]

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