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Rachel Leviss Suggests Scandoval Was 'Fabricated' & That Bravo Offered Tom Sandoval A Producer Credit For Season 11!

Rachel Leviss Suggests Scandoval Was ‘Fabricated’ & Bravo Offered Tom Sandoval A Producer Credit For Season 11

Was Scandoval one big lie?!

This has been a conspiracy theory for a while now, with some Vanderpump Rules skeptics believing perhaps the cheating scandal between Rachel Leviss and Tom Sandoval was just a ploy to get the struggling reality TV series more attention. And, boy, did it ever! In a pretty unexpected comment, all things considered, Rachel is now confirming even she thinks Scandoval was “fabricated.”

Wait, what??

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Bethenny Frankel dropped part two of her explosive three-part interview with the Bravo personality on her podcast Just B on Thursday, and in it, the 28-year-old took aim at her former f**k bud.

Picking up where they left off, the Real Housewives of New York City alum asked Rachel how she felt about Tom screen-recording a NSFW video of her without her consent. This is the same video Ariana Madix found on the bar owner’s phone, exposing their months-long affair. Bethenny asked:

“How did you feel knowing someone you thought you were in love with recorded you and then it ends up with a cast of a TV show?”

The SUR waitress replied:

“I felt very betrayed. I felt like I couldn’t trust this person. I felt like my privacy didn’t matter to him and he didn’t really give a good excuse besides he wanted me to see it later on to see how beautiful I was. But if he would have asked for permission, I would have said no.”

The reality star then made a SHOCKING claim! She went on to blast the Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras frontman for manipulating the narrative of the breakup! Addressing what it was like to film one of their most infamous scenes together, which saw them in her apartment discussing the backlash they were receiving for the affair, Rachel explained:

“When Tom and I were filming at my apartment after filming got picked back up, I said to Tom, ‘How could I trust you? You filmed me without my consent.’ He admitted to it but after that scene wrapped he said, ‘Why did you say that? Why did you say that on camera? You made me look bad,’ and I said, ‘Well, that’s what happened.’ And he ended up boycotting filming the rest of Scandoval so that he could have editing rights to that scene to take out that specific piece.”


Bethenny, who knows a thing or two about the reality biz, wasn’t shocked by this, saying she’s “seen that before,” but didn’t elaborate. But that’s not even the craziest part!

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The Skinnygirl CEO then questioned what Tom’s full involvement in the show is. When she asked if he is a “producer,” the former beauty pageant queen held NOTHING BACK! She dished:

“He’s not technically a producer, he’s been on the series from day one, season one. I don’t know if I’m even able to disclose this information but he did tell me that for negotiations for season 11, he was offered a producer credit for season 11. I think he was being rewarded for the Scandoval of it all and to me that’s just kinda gross because it seems, it makes me skeptical. Was this really just something that was fabricated for this end result?”


She’s actually suggesting he may have faked his feelings for her… for ratings?? Damn!

That would be insane! But Rachel thinks there’s some proof to back up her theory. She went on to reference an interview the series’ EP Alex Baskin did with Deadline, in which he claimed Scandoval saved the show. Rachel said:

“Alex Baskin, our executive producer, went on record and said the show was going to be canceled after season 10 and if it wasn’t for Scandoval there wouldn’t be a season 11.”

Would Tom really have been willing to blow up his entire life — and longtime relationship — just to protect his future on a TV show? And why do it after they’d already finished filming Season 10? Remember, production picked back up to capture the aftermath of the affair, which certainly cost the network more money because they had to hire a crew at the last minute and pay everyone for the additional episodes. Seems like a strange plan… unless Sandoval was super desperate to save the show!

Do U think her tell-all is working to fix her relationship? And could Scandoval really be FAKE?! Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Rachel Leviss/Instagram & Bravo/YouTube]

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