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Raquel Leviss Actually At Luxury Wellness Resort, Not 'Mental Health Facility' -- With Tom Sandoval Joining?!

Raquel Leviss Wellness Resort Not Mental Health Facility Tom Sandoval Vacation

Well, this is a bit different than what we were led to believe…

If you heard about Raquel Leviss checking herself into a mental health facility and pictured a sort of hospital setting, with meds and group therapy and stuff, you aren’t alone. But it sounds like we haven’t really gotten the clearest picture. A rep for the Vanderpump Rules star said:

“Raquel and her family decided before the relationship was discovered that she would enter a voluntary facility for mental health counseling.”

As it turns out “facility for mental health counseling” may have been a bit misleading. If the latest report is true, forget any Dr. Drew Show or Girl, Interrupted visuals and instead think… extended spa weekend? In fact, the resort she’s apparently going to is even couple-friendly — and we’re hearing Tom Sandoval is joining her! Wow!

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According to sources spilling to YouTube channel Up and Adam!, Raquel isn’t at some hospital or rehab clinic but rather at one of the many locations of the Miraval Resorts. While Miraval is a luxe relaxation destination, to be sure, calling it a mental health facility is pretty far from the mark.

We’re talking yoga, massages, meditation, skiing, horseback riding, archery, cooking classes… Definitely things you’d find in the higher end of rehab centers, sure, but you see our point. This is very much a resort. Heck, as Adam notes, the Real Housewives went there once to film! And various shows give away trips to Miraval — not something that happens with medical centers.

The source told him not only is Raquel not at a “mental health facility,” she’s actually been at the resort for several days — apparently since we saw Sandoval helping her pack and driving her to the airport on April 2. And now, presumably after his cover band obligations were completed, Tom is joining her there! It’s definitely a type of “getting away from it all.” But a pretty different version, n’est-ce pas?

Was Raquel’s rep trying to be misleading? Well, that’s not for us to say. But they did say Raquel “had planned to admit herself…” That word… “admit.” That evokes thoughts of a rehab center, medical personnel, and so on. You admit yourself to a hospital. You book a resort. Are we wrong? The wording definitely does seem kinda engineered to feel like a rock bottom — which would garner a lot more sympathy than saying she’s going on the type of vacay we’d all hit up if we had the time and money. Just sayin’!

Will this change how fans are taking the news? Plenty of VPR viewers were already suspicious, but just as many blasted Shahs of Sunset star Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi for giving voice to the cynicism. If you didn’t see, the fellow Bravo star snarked on Instagram:

“Daaaaaamn, I should’ve checked myself into a mental health facility every season of Shahs if I knew it would gain me sympathy. Own your s**t!”

She got a lot of hate from people saying mental health issues were real, and that she was being disrespectful. Will this new revelation color all that backlash? Will everyone go back to criticizing Raquel for her “villain” role in the ongoing Scandoval? We’ll have to see!

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Just semantics? Or do you feel differently about what’s going on with Raquel now??

[Image via Bravo/YouTube.]

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Apr 14, 2023 15:21pm PDT

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