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Real World: Homecoming's Becky Blasband QUITS Following Resurfaced Racism Argument With Co-Star, Calls Revival 'A Lie'

Real World: Homecoming’s Becky Blasband Quits ‘Because It Is A Lie’ Following Resurfaced Racism Argument With Kevin Powell!

Some real s**t just went down on The Real World Homecoming: New York!

Just episodes into the revival special on Paramount+ and Becky Blasband has quit! Frustrated by a resurfaced argument between her and co-star Kevin Powell, the MTV alum packed her bags and left the loft!

The heated discussion in question was brought up during Thursday’s episode focused on Blasband’s views on the diversity of America (back in the early ’90s). Kevin disagreed with his white co-star’s opinion, but rather than have an informative chat, the ordeal escalated to him calling the singer-songwriter a “bitch” and racist.

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After reliving the moment, the now 54-year-old Kevin apologized for the derogatory term, but Becky wasn’t able to reciprocate mature feelings. She interrupted her co-star while he tried to explain why he felt her comments “feed into white supremacy.” Becky also insisted she didn’t want the conversation to get “political” by talking about race and that she had educated herself on racism by taking African dance classes. We’re all for understanding other cultures, but that does NOT seem like the right way to address white privilege at all! And to say you’ve received all the learning by learning how to dance? C’mon.

In a move that shocked the entire crew, including fellow cast member Eric Nies who appeared via video chat while battling coronavirus, the 53-year-old left the NYC apartment FOR GOOD! When her friends questioned the decision, she passive aggressively responded, “see ya!” Then added:

“This is bulls**t. I’m not into it.”

Ch-ch-check out the DRAMATIC scene (below)!

Two days later, the musician took to her Instagram to detail the decision to leave, and there were no wishy-washy sentiments to be shared, either! The Pennsylvania-born performer made some intense claims against the beloved revival, writing on Saturday:

“I left the Real World Homecoming Series because it is a lie. I had been there before, they told me this time it would be different. I realized quickly that it is not the platform for important Human discussion on sensitive issues. In my exit interview, I expressed exactly this. The producers, of course, cannot air this. I do not write this in my defense as I need no defense.”

Continuing to deny the racist accusations against her, Blasband noted:

“Never have I raised a racist word. Nor committed a racist action against people of color.”

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She didn’t stop there. Becky seemed to blame the entire medium of reality TV for much of the downfall of America!

“But when critical thinking goes out the window you can point to this kind of media. It is a kind of brainwashing. Edited, characterized, lacking in depth. In this country we believe in ‘the American dream.’ This also has become a lie. And you wonder why our country is in such disarray. I do not regret leaving. Nor will I raise a word against my cast members. Only that I feel for them, that they did not have the strength to walk out with me.”

Yikes!! She clearly has some major gripes with the production team. And we get it, it’s probably tough to see her narrative get spliced for TV without having much control in the final edit, but that’s what you signed up for, Becky!

Thoughts on her emotional exit, Perezcious readers? Were you sad to see her leave? Also, what do you make of the claims her co-stars are trapped on the show? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via Becky Blasband/Instagram & The Real World Homecoming: New York/Twitter]

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