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Reba McEntire Is KFC's First Woman Colonel Sanders & Fans Don't Know What To Think!

With tender chicken and the sauce of a fighter, she’s Colonel Sanders!
KFC has chosen Reba McEntire to play the founder of the chain, making the beloved country crooner the first female celebrity to take on the role. How deliciously 2018!
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The new commercials show the performer singing a Honky-Tonk song onstage as the Colonel, complete with a white wig, facial hair, and the iconic white suit and black tie.
A bucket of celebs have portrayed the Colonel since 2015, but Reba is the first woman in KFC’s 90-year history to depict the iconic character — a fact that is definitely celebrated in the ad, where she sings:

“I’m Colonel Sanders, the same as always/I’m definitely not a woman.”

The company said it picked Reba to help promote its new Smoky Mountain BBQ because of her Southern roots. The Oklahoma native, who said “Holy smokes!” when approached about the gig back in December, said she has eaten KFC all her life.
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But just like the chicken in a KFC bucket meal, reactions to the new spokes-Colonel were mixed. While many on Twitter loved the first female portrayal, Reba fans were charred with contempt over the campy commercial.
Watch Reba’s debut spot (above) and read the reactions (below)!

Not every fan was supportive of the new project, however:

And just for reference:

WDYT, stans? Are you into Reba as Colonel Sanders? This guy kinda is:

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Jan 26, 2018 12:50pm PDT

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