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Reese Witherspoon Divorce Spurred By Jim Toth's 'Wandering Eye'??

Reese Witherspoon Divorce Spurred By Jim Toth's 'Wandering Eye'??

Uhh, this sounds a LOT shadier than just a midlife crisis!

Ever since Reese Witherspoon announced her shocking divorce from Jim Toth late last week, we’ve been dying to figure out what happened between the pair. They seemed like such a solid couple! And after being together for a dozen years, it just seemed meant to be… but apparently NOT AT ALL!

At first, it sounded like the co-parents of 10-year-old Tennessee just grew apart. A lot of the blame was put on Jim’s apparent “midlife crisis,” which included new tats and wearing “chunky weird jewelry.” Sure, your partner suddenly acting like a new person would be tough AF, but it doesn’t sound so bad now that we know what else *may* have led to the breakup!!

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On the latest episode of the Deux U podcast on Thursday, those behind the gossip account DeuxMoi caught up with an insider about the split, and they revealed there were three main reasons this marriage had to come to an end. Two were pretty minor things, but the third… Oh, boy.

According to the source, Jim suffered from a “wandering eye” — and while Reese allegedly knew about his problematic behavior for a long time, it was starting to become a major dealbreaker! The source claimed:

“He’s had a wandering eye for years, but she’s turned a blind eye and basically has been OK with it — as long as it never got out or got back to her. She only asked for discretion, and apparently he’s been getting sloppy.”

WHOA! Y’all, how do you manage to marry Reese freakin’ Witherspoon and then chase other women?!? It doesn’t make sense!

Also, this whole notion of it getting “out” or “back to her” makes us wonder if maybe something was about ready to get out? ‘Cause it kiiinda sounds like The Morning Show star wanted to pull the plug before any of this leaked and made her look like a fool. Just saying.

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There was also more to the split than just their lack of chemistry. The logistics weren’t working out either, as the source added:

“She wants to split her time between Los Angeles, Nashville, and the Bahamas. She doesn’t want to be based in LA necessarily, but his job demands that he be in LA.”

We’ve also heard mumblings that the 52-year-old former Quibi exec wants to pack his bags and head to Silicon Valley to start investing in start-ups, but either way, his roots seem firmly planted in California whereas the Legally Blonde alum would like to be more of a traveler. Speaking of, Reese is also way more focused on her career than her ex, the insider noted:

“He is significantly less driven and ambitious than her and is content to just maintain the status quo, whereas she is obsessed with the next deal, next project, next big thing.”

As she should be! Her companies, such as Draper James and Hello Sunshine, have made her the richest actress in the world, per Forbes. Not too shabby!!

Let’s not forget, while she’s focused on making bank and raising her three kids, she’s also maybe got her eye on a new man! Word on the street is that she and Tom Brady could be the next big thing! We know, we know, that would be an insane rebound!!! Let’s just hope whoever she ends up with next actually treats her right! Reactions to this!? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Drew Barrymore Show/YouTube & Reese Witherspoon/Instagram]

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