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Rebel Wilson Says She Got 'Dumped' By A Mystery Woman In The 'Public Eye' Before Meeting Her Fiancée!

Rebel Wilson Says She Got 'Dumped' By A Mystery Woman In The 'Public Eye' Before Meeting Her Fiancée!

Rebel Wilson pursued a publicly-known mystery woman — and got rejected — before turning to her fiancée Ramona Agruma!

So said Rebel herself in her new appearance on the U Up? podcast this week, at least. And now we’re left to wonder about who this person could be!

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On Wednesday, the 43-year-old actress sat down with podcast hosts Jared Freid and Jordana Abraham for a long, interesting interview. Among the many topics they discussed was the Australian-born star’s love story with Agruma. And as it turns out, that story began with a very unlikely pre-romance!!

The Pitch Perfect star recalled how back before she ever got with her fiancée, she met another woman with whom she had chemistry. It quickly became apparent that the duo’s connection was deeper than simple friendship for Rebel, too. Calling their brief time together “very important,” Wilson said:

“I met a woman and had, like, feelings for her, which totally came as a blindside. It wasn’t what I was expecting.”

The Senior Year star continued:

“I never thought I was 100 percent straight, but I was only ever dating men before that. … It was just, like, [we met] as friends but then realizing, ‘hang on, I have feelings for this person.’ And then, having this awful thing of having to say it because no one in my friendship circle would have thought I would have been attracted to a woman.”


For Rebel, living in the land Down Under gave her a bit of a more conservative upbringing and social background. So, it was a new experience to flesh out this potential romance with a same-sex partner. She recalled how her first chemistry conversation went with this unnamed woman:

“It was hard because I come from a very conservative background. I guess the 20-year-olds have no issue talking about sexuality or they are all over the spectrum and it’s cool, but where I grew up in Australia is very conservative. I had to tell people — and the person — that I was attracted to them, and I think I said the words, ‘I don’t want to offend you, but are you interested in women?’ I’ve never had a conversation like that, because I was dating dudes and never had to talk about sexuality.”

In the end, Rebel fleshed out the feelings within herself — and credited a long-time friend of hers named Hugh for helping work out her unexpected attractions. The movie star explained how she’d been “complaining” to Hugh about men when he pushed her to pursue this new interest more closely:

“I was like complaining to him about dudes and how they weren’t romantic enough and on the dating app being like, ‘oh my god there’s all these surfer models,’ which you’d think would be good but it wasn’t that good.”

Sadly for Rebel, though, the initial connection didn’t work out. While she and the unnamed woman tried to figure out their feelings for each other, it “didn’t end up going anywhere really.” After a short time, the A-lister “got dumped.”

Oh no!

Rebel added:

“Well, the person said they weren’t interested in dating me. So I for the first time kind of got dumped. … But I’d had all these feelings that I’d never had for a woman before and it was all new and exciting.”

So who was this woman, then? It sure makes you wonder about some of Rebel’s past comments, doesn’t it?!

Well, the Hustle star won’t say. But it sounds like somebody the world might know?! Wilson admitted the woman’s “career is very important” and they are very much “in the public eye.” So, the star had to be “careful” with not outing the woman during the podcast. Wow!!

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Secret identity aside, Rebel credited the mystery woman for pushing the star’s boundaries and opening up her world:

“[The woman] opened my heart up for a same-sex relationship. … Then I learned that my heart could be open romantically to a woman and then I met Ramona soon after.”

And of course, the rest is history! Soon after the unfortunate dumping, Rebel connected with her 37-year-old now-fiancée, and Ramona quickly became “the next woman I felt that way about.”

Love that!

You can see the full exchange go down as part of Rebel’s U Up? interview (below), with the mystery romance talk beginning at about the 53-minute mark:


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[Image via Ramona Agruma/Instagram]

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