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Has Reese Witherspoon Been Quietly Untangling Finances From Jim Toth For YEARS?!

Reese Witherspoon Divorce Jim Toth Business Money Millions

Reese Witherspoon‘s divorce just got a lot more interesting — as you may have heard!

If you haven’t heard, the hot new rumor is the Cruel Intentions star is dating none other than NFL superstar Tom Brady! We have no idea if it’s true or what will come of the coupling, but WOW! They aren’t just a spicy power couple because they’re both so famous — they’re also INCREDIBLY wealthy, and this would mark a wild merger of a marriage… Not to get ahead of ourselves! Just sayin’! LOLz!

But before Reese can go 80 for Brady, she still has to wrap things up with Jim Toth. The estranged couple are reportedly splitting pretty amicably — but that’s still a LOT of money to divvy up! What are we talking about, you may ask?

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Sure, Reese has made her share of Hollywood hits and gotten paid well doing it. And she reportedly has sequels to both Election and Legally Blonde in the works! Even on the small screen she makes a fortune — she reportedly gets paid $2 million per episode for The Morning Show, matching the rate of co-star Jennifer Aniston. It’s good to be married to an agent! LOLz! (Obvi Toth was never technically her agent, but he does work at CAA, where she’s repped, so…)

But we’re actually referring to her impressive business acumen. First off, she founded successful clothing line Draper James, named for her grandparents’ maiden and middle names, respectively. And then she’s got her production company, Hello Sunshine. After producing hits like Gone Girl, she decided to co-found her own production company. She made successful bets both on female-driven projects she is and isn’t attached to — including Big Little LiesLittle Fires EverywhereWhere The Crawdads Sing, and most recently Daisy Jones and the Six. It also includes her home furnishing business, The Home Edit. In 2021 she sold a majority stake in the company, and it was then valued at $900 MILLION. She got paid — but still profits as she still own 18%. She’s also made a killing on real estate, selling multiple homes for a big profit in 2020 and 2022.

Forbes estimated in 2022 that Reese’s net worth was $430 million, making her the richest actress in the world. They also ranked her as the 65th highest self-made woman! Quite a coup!

What makes everything a little more awkward with the divorce is the fact she and Jim have been working so closely together on all this! He was a founding board member of Draper James and Hello Sunshine. What are they going to do about all that??

Well, according to a source speaking to People, the exes “still plan to work together in various capacities as they’ve done in the past.” Wow. That only works if they’re getting along. But the source says they are — and that though the divorce is the right call, they’re equally upset about it:

“This is so hard for both of them. There’s no drama. These decisions are so difficult when there is so much friendship and love there.”

The insider says the couple had “been spending less time together” lately, mostly because of Reese’s schedule. See, in 2019 Jim left his job at CAA after 23 incredibly successful years repping stars like Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johansson to run content acquisition and talent for a streaming service. Unfortunately that streaming service was Quibi. If you don’t remember Quibi, that’s kind of the point. In short, they spent big bucks to essentially make YouTube videos meant to be watched on phones. It shut down less than a year after launch. It wasn’t pretty. Considering we’ve also heard Jim is going through a bit of a “midlife crisis” the past couple years, it kind of makes sense it all comes on the heels of that decision.

The question is, how close on the heels? When did they really start splitting up? The business decisions tell a story if you know how to read it…

Family law attorney Marilyn Chinitz spoke to People about the smart moves the couple has made in splitting their money. She says they “ought to be applauded for the way they’ve handled their divorce” as they “made their case incredibly simple” to split up the assets:

“[They] seem to have done the smart uncoupling financial savvy thing, and that’s just to sell everything and create liquidity, then it’s easy to divide up money.”

Right… she has been selling. She sold homes, she sold Hello Sunshine… Has Reese been working on this divorce behind the scenes for over TWO YEARS now?? Hmm. She really is a smart businesswoman!

If that’s the case, the idea she’s already moved on with Tom Brady wouldn’t seem quite so shocking. She may have been secretly single for some time! Wow!

What do YOU think of all this, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Reese Witherspoon/Tom Brady/Instagram.]

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