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That Congressman Who Went Viral For Son's Funny Faces?! Folks Are HORRIFIED Learning Story Of How He Met His Wife!

Rep John Rose Tennessee Wife Teenager

Yeesh! Remember earlier this week when that Congressman was defending convicted felon Donald Trump on the House floor, and his 6-year-old was being a kid and making funny faces? Even if you thought the guy’s argument was trash, like we did, his son actually humanized him a bit, right? Well, don’t get too comfortable with thinking of Representative John Rose as a good family man…

Folks who don’t follow politics incredibly closely and aren’t from Tennessee had no idea who this guy even was before this. But they’re learning! Apparently his previous claim to fame was also because of a child… his future wife.

Yeah, brace yourself for some major ick.

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So first off, yes, that’s a photo of John Rose, his two sons, and his wife up top. Here are some more.

If you first thought that was his daughter, you aren’t alone! A lot of folks make that mistake since he’s obviously old enough to be her dad. The 24 year age difference might make you double take these days, but it was way worse when they first met… when she was a teenager.

Yes, apparently Chelsea Doss got involved with the Future Farmers of America at the age of 14. Through that organization, at some point she met Rose. When she was 17 years old she attended a 3-day convention where she won top awards and was named the 2007–2008 Tennessee FFA Association state president. Rose was the vice chairman of the board of the Tennessee FFA. He was 41 years old.

What we know for sure is from public records. Chelsea, still 17, was awarded the Jerry and Betty Williams Rose Scholarship to attend Tennessee Tech. That’s the Jerry and Betty Williams Rose Scholarship. Yeah. It’s John Rose’s parents’ scholarship. He apparently helped fund her college tuition… Oh, and he was the chairman of the Board of Directors at the college, too. In a 2010 interview with the Murfreesboro Post, she said of the scholarship:

“John has made everything possible that I’ve done in FFA beyond high school. Through the scholarship that he provides, I’ve not had to have a job through college. I’ve been able to train, improve, focus on FFA and focus on school. That scholarship has made all the difference.”

She also said the future congressman “coached me during my preparation, which has been extremely helpful.” Clearly they had a very close relationship for a student and her school’s chairman. But soon after that was no longer a secret.

The next year, they were getting married. At this point she was 21, and he was 45. If you think that sounds bad, it looks worse. Someone even grabbed their engagement announcement from the paper…


We warned you about the ICK, right? You can read more about Rose and his wife’s relationship in a really good summary at The Prospect HERE.

Apparently this has all been known for years in Tennessee. But like we said, before his kid started making funny faces, most folks didn’t know anything about John Rose. Now they’re absolutely horrified! After all, the age difference? The position of power he held over her? Not only did they meet when she was 17, but he then started paying her way through his college? Once again, this seems like textbook grooming from the political party who love nothing more than to throw that word around at every LGBTQ+ community member.

Also, remember how his big defense of Trump was saying prosecuting politicians who commit crimes sets a dangerous precedent? Huh. Anyway, see some of the disgusted responses on social media (below)!

“This is so adorable. Honestly, good on him bringing his grandson to work. Just some good innocent fun in govt. *googles Rep John Rose + wife* Oh….oh god. No.”

“I never imagined it was that bad”

“The awkward moment when you have to specify whether ‘the child on the House floor’ is your kid or your wife”

“The party of ‘save our children’ ladies and gentlemen.”

“All that groomer talk is projection.”

Oof. What do YOU think of this guy now??

[Image via John Rose/Instagram/C-SPAN/YouTube.]

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