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OMG! Rocket Launcher EXPLODES In YouTuber's FACE As He Demonstrates 'The Dangers' Of It!

Rocket Launcher EXPLODES In YouTuber's Face As He Demonstrates 'The Dangers' Of It!

A YouTuber had a very close call with death after a rocket launcher exploded in his face!

Adam Knowles, host of the popular YouTube channel Ballistic High-Speed, is very lucky to be alive following a horrifying incident with a grenade launcher. While filming a video for his channel attempting to demonstrate “the dangers” of back-blast from several different kinds of launchers, the US Army veteran experienced a mishap with his RPG-7 model.

In some seriously scary video footage posted on their page, Adam can be seen pulling the trigger of the weapon, causing it to immediately explode and go up in flames! OMG!

The social media star fell back and was reportedly knocked unconscious so fast, he was out of it before he even hit the ground. His friends, who were thankfully around while he was filming, quickly jumped into action in order to save him. They called 911 and had him airlifted by helicopter to the hospital, where he suffered a fractured skull, intense burns, and a bleeding brain. So, so scary!

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By some serious luck, Adam survived the incident, and now in a new video posted on Sunday, he’s telling his tale and watching the grueling footage for the first time. Thinking back throughout the day of filming, he said he had “no recollection of the incident after the countdown” when the launcher exploded in his face. He also added that the RPG-7 was the “final” shot of the day — all the other launchers had performed perfectly normally.

Now, still recovering while in double arm casts, the vet explained:

“The rocket launcher basically exploded.”

And whereas he feels “a lot better”, he’s still got a “solid few months” before he’s fully recovered. He detailed he received “multiple skin grafts, stitches, and other surgeries” while in the hospital — and his bill is now well over $300,000!

Yeesh… But thankfully, above all else, he’s still alive! And he’s not planning on stopping making videos anytime soon:

“We are ready to move forward.”

Ch-ch-check out the wild story and see the footage for yourself (below):

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[Image via StudioCanal/YouTube]

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