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Samuel L. Jackson Caught 'Liking' SUPER Naughty Videos On Twitter Before HIGHlariously Getting Called Out By Followers!

Samuel L. Jackson Caught With Hardcore Porn In His Twitter Likes -- And Scraps It ASAP After Getting Called Out!

Samuel L. Jackson learned the HARD way this week that his Twitter likes are very, very public!

The longtime A-list Hollywood star got caught “liking” hardcore porn on his verified account on Wednesday. That day, by the way, also happened to be his 74th birthday. So this controversy turned into quite an unwanted birthday gift!

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It all started when fans noticed Jackson’s verified account was smashing the “like” button on X-rated videos. Unbeknownst to the Die Hard with a Vengeance star, apparently, is that any Twitter user can see any other (public) Twitter user’s likes. So the adult activity popped up in fans’ feeds almost immediately!

Granted, it’s unclear if Jackson himself was actually “liking” the content. It’s impossible to know whether someone on his PR team or some third party was using his account. But it definitely didn’t look good! Immediately, followers started calling him out on the digital activity. Soon enough, his name was trending on Elon Musk‘s site. Not exactly the kind of thing you want to pop up in the news for…

Tweeters worked hard to give Jackson the tip-off about this embarrassing issue. Others made light of the crazy sitch. As you can see (below), here are just a few of the reactions:

“hi mate letting you know your likes are public and everyone can see them”

“we can deadass see your likes, they’re public big bro”

“Let mans get some likes in”

“He must not know about burner accounts.”

“I think everyone loves him even more after this lol”

“He forgot to switch to his private account”

“Now i want links of all these videos which he liked… I want to watch them thoroughly for research purposes.”

“He a grown man who cares lol”


Almost immediately after Jackson’s name started trending, he scrapped the adult-themed likes. Double-checking early on Thursday morning, we can confirm they are no longer on his profile. So that’s that!

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Damn, Shaft!!! Reactions, Perezcious readers?? Were you able to catch him hitting the heart in real time? We’d love to know!!

[Image via MEGA/WENN]

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