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Sarah Michelle Gellar Thinks Zendaya Should Be The Next Buffy In Reboot -- But Would It Work?!

Sarah Michelle Gellar Votes Zendaya Buffy Reboot

Who would YOU cast in a Buffy The Vampire Slayer reboot? While quite a few of us have strong opinions, there’s no one we’d rather hear from on the subject than Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Having played Buffy Summers for seven seasons, the Cruel Intentions star was heartbreaking, hilarious, badass, sexy, inspiring, and truly iconic. Who could ever replace her? Well, she has a thought…

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In his new book, Into Every Generation a Slayer Is Born: How Buffy Staked Our Hearts, author Evan Ross Katz asked SMG who she thought could fill her shoes in a possible reboot, and she answered:

“I vote Zendaya.”

That… is a really great call. The young star has been giving unbelievably moving (and very different) performances in the Spider-Man films and Euphoria. If there’s anyone her age that one might consider already iconic, it’s Zendaya.

Damn, that’s pretty good casting.

Our only question is… Is such a reboot really as inevitable as some people think??

TBH, we’re guessing the Joss Whedon stuff actually pushed the chances back a couple years at least. The sour taste in the mouths of fans certainly takes the shine off the IP. Having a creator known more for being a problematic pariah than an acclaimed writer isn’t the best recipe to get new fans either these days. We mean, look at Harry Potter — is anyone really excited for that next Fantastic Beasts movie at this point?

What do YOU think? Would the announcement of a beloved star like Zendaya make you excited for the possibility of a new, different Buffy??

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