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Scott Disick's 'Demands' For Returning To The Kardashians Season 3 REVEALED!

Scott Disick Kardashians Season 3 Demands

Yes, Scott Disick will be back for Season 3 of Hulu‘s The Kardashians. But according to a new report, it wasn’t easy to get His Lordship back on board!

Apparently Kourtney Kardashian‘s baby daddy was sick and tired of his narrative — and told bosses at the reality show he wanted a sort of character glow up if he was going to take part this season.

A source close to the production spilled to The US Sun on Friday:

“When Scott started talking about resuming the show, he was adamant that he no longer wanted to be seen as the ‘loser,’ the guy who couldn’t get his s**t together. That was also part of his huge hesitation with doing the show alongside Kourt and Travis.”

Yeah… Scott’s persona, as far as the public perception goes anyway, has definitely been that of the spurned ex. Ever since Kourt got together with Travis Barker — and a little before if we’re being honest — he’s come across as a guy who’s all sour grapes because he realizes he wasn’t ready to commit when he had the chance. He kept chasing young hotties and missed his window with the love of his life — who finally moved on with a super sexy rockstar who treats her like a goddess. That’s how the audience sees it, is what we’re saying.

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Not that he’s done a great job combating that image, even outside of reality TV. Like when he apparently passed on the KarJenner family Easter celebration — which even Tristan Thompson attended — because he wasn’t ready to be in the same room with Kravis. He’s not exactly being the cool, chill guy IRL, is he?

Well, that doesn’t matter. That’s real life. We’re talking about reality now. And the source says for this season, Scott’s narrative is going to be all about how cool and successful he is:

“His storyline will now focus more on how he is a hugely successful entrepreneur, but also his relationship with Kris.”

His relationship with Kris Jenner?? His almost-mother-in-law??  What’s their relationship anyway? The insider explained it’s a new line of thinking, a brainchild of the momager with the most:

“Kris is very worried and under pressure to get the show back to the days with lots of drama, and that’s where Scott comes in — he’ll call the girls out on their s**t, he’ll make it more ‘real.'”

Oh no. Is she worried about the fact everyone is talking about Vanderpump Rules now? And with all her girls settling down and becoming moms, there’s just no relationship drama they can throw out to compete?

Maybe so… because apparently they’re cooking up a storyline for Khloé Kardashian in which she tries to find love all over again — and her BFF Scott is going to be right there at the front for that one! The insider spilled:

“I heard he’ll be part of the ‘matchmaking’ storyline for Khloé — but I think they’ll probably do the Khloé and Scott getting close storyline again, too.”

Sorry, but… Will that even work? Doesn’t everyone assume she and Tristan are back together? We feel like the show is a victim of its own success in a way. The Kardashians are so famous now, everyone is keeping up in real time. So if these storylines are at all out of line with reality, fans just aren’t going to buy it.

Are we right? What do YOU think, Perezcious viewers? Is the show pitching Scott as “cool and successful” and Khloé as “single and looking” going to work? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

[Image via Hulu/YouTube.]

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