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OMG! Sean Penn SAVED Golden Globes Red Carpet Pre-Show Host Marc Malkin -- Who Was Stranded In The Desert?!

OMG! Sean Penn SAVED Golden Globes Red Carpet Pre-Show Host Marc Malkin -- Who Was Stranded In The Desert?!

Sean Penn saved Marc Malkin over the weekend… and possibly even the Golden Globes!

Every electric car owner’s worst nightmare came true for Marc on Friday when he was driving to a Golden Globes pre-party circuit: he ran out of juice! On Sunday, Page Six reported that the famous journalist was heading back to LA from working the red carpet at the Palm Springs Film Festival on Friday when his electric car battery died. According to the outlet, he managed to get a tow to a nearby charging station in the deserts of Cabazon, where funny enough, Sean and his longtime publicist Mara Buxbaum were charging their own cars!

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You see, Sean was also at the Palm Springs Film Festival, honoring Penélope Cruz with Variety’s Creative Impact in Acting Award, but also needed to stop on his way back to juice up. A source told the outlet:

“Marc looked to one side, and Sean Penn was charging his car — and he looked to his other side and saw Mara Buxbaum charging her car.”


From Sean and Mara’s perspective, a separate insider told the outlet:

“All of a sudden, they saw a little flatbed tow truck with a car on it.”

Yep, it was Marc! The source noted:

“They all forgot to charge overnight.”

But, while Sean and Mara were able to charge up their rigs, the entertainment reporter apparently had some difficulties at his charging station! A source told the news org that Marc called the charging company and they told him his whip wouldn’t juice up if it was completely dead… But Marc thought that maybe if he could move his car to a different station, then he might have some luck — so popping it in neutral and pushing it was his next move. Although, all alone, that’s easier said than done. But luck was on his side!

A source told the outlet:

“Mara came up to him and asked if he needed his car pushed. She said, ‘You need someone to push your car?’”

Before he knew it, Marc looked back and “Penn was back there pushing his car.”


The trio managed to get his car to another station with a charger that worked, and BOOM! No more dead battery!

The outlet added that because of Sean and Mara, Marc was able to make it back to El Lay in time for the Golden Globes pre-party!

WOW! What a cool story!

The Golden Globes will air at 5:00 p.m. pst on Sunday night… and Marc will be there digitally hosting the red carpet pre-show!

After all that, we know we’ll be tuning in! Will YOU? Let us know in the comments down below!

[Images via ABC & Variety/YouTube]

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