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Carrie & Big Spotted Filming Together! And There Are TONS Of Sex And The City Plot Clues!!!

Sex And The City Revival And Just Like That Carrie Big Photos Sarah Jessica Parker Chris Noth

The moment has finally arrived, Sex And The City stans!

No, not the premiere episode of the revival. No, not the trailer. Those are still a ways down the road. No, what we’re talking about is the first photos of Sarah Jessica Parker and Mr. Chris Noth together!

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Yes, at long last Mr. Big has returned to film with his beloved Carrie on And Just Like That… Or… is beloved the right word here??


See, thanks to a script leak, what we’re hearing is that Carrie and Big are going to be on the outs — maybe even going through a divorce at the beginning of the new season. What we can say is this does not look particularly romantic or humorous. The scene, filmed on location on New York City’s Upper West Side, is clearly a far cry from falling into a fountain or farting under the covers. It certainly looks like the pair are having a fight!

And Just Like That set photos Carrie Big

Wait… are they holding divorce papers?!

No, a super close look proves those are just copies of the script they’re still learning — see the “Chris Noth” watermark? That’s so they know whose copy it is.

And Just Like That set photos Carrie Big script

But the other big clue fans are spotting are the wedding rings. If they’re divorced, they wouldn’t be wearing rings, right?

Well, that’s a tricky one…

See, when we looked close at the photos, she is wearing one, but he is not! Based on what we’ve heard, he’s the one who pulls the rug out from under her. Maybe he gets rid of his right away??

And Just Like That set photos Carrie Big Ring

Is that a tan line on his ring finger?? Well, in real life he is married, to actress Tara Wilson since 2002. So it would make sense if he’s taking it off for the show — but does it make sense in the logic of the show, too?


Finally, there’s one more little clue that may have flown over the head of casual viewers… Just take a look at Carrie’s headpiece here!

And Just Like That set photos Carrie Bird

That’s pretty obviously a bird.

As in… I put a bird on my head??

For those who haven’t seen it in a long time, in the first movie, Mr. Big leaves Carrie waiting at the aisle during their big dream wedding. She complains later, referring to the feathery Vivienne Westwood headpiece she wore with her gown:

“He couldn’t get out of the car. After ten years of what he already put me through, he couldn’t make the effort and get out of the car. I made the effort. I put a bird on my head!”

And now she put a bird on her head again. Coincidence? We think not, as new lead costume designer Molly Rogers has been with the show since its original run — and has been teasing easter eggs on social media!

“In flight”?? So is she wearing the bird to communicate that she put in the effort on their marriage?? Ch-ch-check out more pics from Monday’s shoot and let us know what YOU think (below)!

And Just Like That set photos Carrie Big 4
And Just Like That set photos Carrie Big

[Image via MEGA/WENN.]

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