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Shanna Moakler Defends Daughter Alabama Barker's 'Amazing' Rap Career!

Shanna Moakler defends teen daughter Alabama’s rap career

Alabama Barker has found her number 1 fan!

Shanna Moakler is coming to her daughter’s defense as the teenager embarks on an already controversial rap career!

In a new interview with Page Six out on Thursday, the momma bear clapped back at haters, insisting she thinks Alabama’s music “is amazing.” She credited her ex and baby daddy Travis Barker for being such a big influence, gushing:

“I think her rap career is amazing. My kids were raised on a tour bus from the time they were born.”

#NepoBaby! LOLz!

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Not only has the young model been surrounded by the music industry for so long, but the OnlyFans star thinks she picked the perfect genre, too, adding:

“Every creed, every race is going to love hip-hop and rap that’s not gonna change. So for me it is a very natural progression for [Alabama], because she’s been in the studio with her father with the greatest musicians in the world.”

This is a very different take than some of the teen’s loudest online critics who blasted her for “Black girl cosplay” after a TikTok video in which she lip-synced to an unreleased track. But what else can you expect from a proud mom?!


Im posting the top 10 i like on my story

♬ original sound – Alabama barker

Innerestingly, it appears Shanna’s well aware of the controversy surrounding Alabama’s music because the 48-year-old went out of her way to note that both her daughter and ex-husband have a deep “respect” for hip-hop and rap music, saying:

“I think her father both understands the nature of the industry [and] that genre of music. I think there’s a real love for it, and I think there’s a deep respect for it as well. I know that they would never do anything without that respect.”

But let’s be real — passion isn’t the only thing the social media star is after! She also wants fame, and that seems to be an ulterior motive behind her genre selection. The former Miss New York USA pageant queen continued:

“They literally traveled the world numerous times over with some of the biggest musicians, rap artists and hip-hop artists in the world, and [for Alabama’s] generation right now the highest genre of music is hip-hop and rap.”

So she’s just following the trends? That’s only going to get her so far…

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As mentioned, the 17-year-old first teased her ambitions to become a rapper in April when she released a clip of a track called Dime in the Rough. Ch-ch-check it out!


Make it as in music dont start with that bs again, anyways heres this.

♬ original sound – Alabama barker

Let’s just say, the reaction was VERY mixed!

Most of the controversy surrounded her use of a “Blaccent” — some fans thought she’d changed the tone of her voice completely for the new music — while others wondered why she was spending her money on this instead of just enjoying her luxurious lifestyle. More optimistic listeners had hope for her career and compared her to Latto. To prove she knows what it takes to be a rapper, she later posted photos of herself with Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, and A$AP Ferg, writing on the video-sharing platform:

“I’m tired of people saying I don’t know anything about rap music, I wasn’t raised around rap music, I wasn’t anything.”

She’s certainly not going to let a couple of haters deter her from her dreams! It’s good that she has the support of her family — especially the Blink-182 drummer — who obviously knows how to help her get where she wants to go, if she has the talent! Her mom has faith she’ll rise above the haters, as she’s done time and time again, concluding her chat with Page Six:

“I know what people may say about Alabama, but she has a confidence level that a lot of kids her age don’t have.”

We’ll just have to wait and see if her music earns her the fanfare she’s hoping it will. Reactions?!

[Image via Alabama Barker/Shanna Moakler/Travis Barker/Instagram]

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