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Friends Say 25-Year-Old Who Died On Girls' Trip Had Alcohol Poisoning -- But Autopsy & Security Footage Says Different!

Shanquella Robinson Death Mystery Mexico Girls Trip Alcohol Poisoning

A 25-year-old North Carolina woman passed away suddenly while vacationing with her girlfriends in Mexico. But the tragedy has developed into a mystery — after a big difference between what the friends said and what the evidence says!

According to WJZY, Shanquella Robinson had traveled with a group of six friends on Friday, October 28 to Cabo San Luca, Mexico, where they rented out a villa to celebrate one of their birthdays over a long weekend. Her mother, Salamondra Robinson, told the outlet that she talked with her daughter, and all seemed well. They agreed to call again the next day – but that ended up being their last conversation:

“She told me they had a chef. They were getting ready to eat. They were eating tacos or a salad or something, and I said, ‘OK. I love you. Have a good night, and I will talk to you tomorrow.’ I never talked to my child again. She never made it back home.”

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The following day, Shanquella’s friends called the mom to let her know “she wasn’t feeling well” and they had a doctor on the way to the villa. Salamondra recalled:

“They said she wasn’t feeling well. She had alcohol poisoning. They couldn’t get a pulse.”

Shanquella’s parents started to get suspicious, as her mother added:

“Each one of the people that was there with her was telling different stories.”

She then received another call from her friends saying Shanquella died from alcohol poisoning. A tragic accident, right? Well, that turned out not to be the case — as her autopsy report and footage suggest a completely different story! WJZY obtained the death certificate, which listed the cause of death as severe spinal cord injury and atlas luxation — meaning instability in the uppermost vertebrae. Her neck had been broken. Salamondra said:

“When the autopsy came back, they said it didn’t have anything to do with the alcohol. [They] said that she had a broken neck and her spine in the back was cracked. She had been beaten.”

In the section on the death certificate where police indicated whether there was any sign of intoxication, they only said “person found unconscious in her living room.” The spot that asks if the death was “accidental or violent” was simply marked as “yes” – giving no clear indication as to which of those questions the police were replying to. But if it was an accident… why were her friends saying something else?

What happened next might explain it. Shocking footage emerged of Shanquella being brutally beaten in a bedroom of the villa. According to WJZY, the video shows a woman rushing at a naked Shanquella and punching her repeatedly in the head. In the middle of the fight, a man can be heard asking in the background:

“Quella, can you at least fight back?”

To which she answers:


The woman then threw Shanquella on the ground next to the bed and continued to punch and knee her in the head. She then yells at the victim to “get up, I’m tired of this s**t.” You can watch the video (below) — but warning it is very graphic!

A representative for, the site that listed the Villa Linda 32 property where the friends stayed, said a woman called the concierge for help on Saturday afternoon. The person called a doctor, who delivered CPR. Shanquella was dead by 3 p.m. — 15 minutes after she sustained her injury. Following the latest evidence, the FBI Charlotte Field Office revealed to WJZY on Friday they have opened an investigation into the woman’s death, which apparently has nothing to do with alcohol poisoning.

Hopefully, Shanquella’s family receives answers as to what led to her death soon. Reactions? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via WBTV/Shanquella Robinson/Instagram]

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