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She Will Regret This

Rumer Willis is talking to Access Hollywood on drugs, the pAArty girls and surviving young Hollywood.
“I see a lot of situations that seem to me to be lacking of a self respect and a self value where girls get drunk and they just kind of fall over each other,” the college dropout told Billy Bush. “Unfortunately when you know you’re growing up and you are in this business, you don’t really have the same ability to make mistakes and have it not be really detrimental.”
“I learned very quickly what kind of person I didn’t want to be,” Rumer added.
“What kind of person is that?” Billy asked.
├óΓé¼┼ôJust somebody who doesn’t take their job seriously,├óΓé¼┬¥ she said.
Wasn’t this slag working at the Marc Jacobs store? Go back to that!
Take THAT seriously, please.
So, how does Saint Rumer avoid temptation?
“It’s really easy to say, ‘Look people are doing something that I don’t like and I don’t want to be around. I’m gonna go,’” explained the vegetable-headed celebuspawn.
So where did she pick up this outlook along the way?
“Honestly, it’s been kind of making mistakes and figuring them out and having a lot of really great people as my mentors,” she added.
Rumer also talked about her newfound “fame,” which we horribly feel partly responsible for.
“I hear a lot that as soon as they put themselves out there, they’re free game,” Rumer said of the paparazzi’s take on young stars. “It’s kind of dehumanizing.”
As for us…..
“Do you read the blogs?” Billy asked her.
“I try not to. I used to a lot and it was really hurtful,” she said. “There’s obviously a lot of people that want to say that I’m doing some kind of train of my parents and that I have some big trust fund. And it’s so easy to judge people and put them down when you’re not looking at them in the face.”
Awww, Rumer.
Love ya, babe!
[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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Aug 20, 2007 10:21am PDT

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