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Sophia Bush Denies Fresh Rumor She’s Already Engaged To Ashlyn Harris! But Here's The Evidence...

Sophia Bush Addresses Rumors She’s Already Engaged To Ashlyn Harris! 

Has Sophia Bush already taken a massive step in her relationship with Ashlyn Harris? You know… the BIG one??

Rumors of an engagement started on Friday when the couple posted several pictures of their trip to Paris together on Instagram Stories. In two images from the romantic getaway, Ashley wrapped her arm around Sophia’s waist as they posed in front of the Eiffel Tower. Meanwhile, the actress had her left hand hidden in the former soccer player’s jacket in both snaps. Huh. That’s odd, right? Is the One Tree Hill alum possibly trying to hide a ring on that finger? That’s what a lot of fans wondered…

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The pair then shared a photo with Beanie Feldstein, Benj Pasek, and influencer Dylan Mulvaney, in which Sophia failed to show her left hand again! And what really fueled the speculation? One snapshot oddly had heart emojis covering her ring finger! Check out the pics (below):


The hiding of her ring finger set off the rumor mill online, with many speculating the two got engaged. But sorry to the fans! Sophia has no engagement news to share right now! On Saturday, the Chicago PD star jumped on Instagram Stories to shut down the rumors by showing off her left hand — sans any ring on that finger! She then wrote along with the pic:

“I hear the internet is being wild? Y’all I have no ‘news’ for you. But wouldn’t you put your hands all up in her jacket if you could?? (To be clear you can’t because boundaries, but I’ll continue to do it for you because I’m just generous like that).”

Can you blame the internet for “being wild?” Sophia’s left hand was suspiciously hidden in multiple photos! Even with an emoji! That was going to catch the attention of everyone, especially since Sophia and Ashlyn only officially went public with their relationship a month ago — after it was clear the dark cloud of cheating allegations was about as clear as it was going to get!

The question is, are we buying Sophia’s denial? It’s not like she couldn’t, you know, take the ring off for a couple pics! LOLz! But why deny? Well…

And if the engagement rumors were confirmed, the internet has been pretty clear about what the reaction would have been. Because talk about twisting the knife in the back of Ali Krieger some more! Damn! So no wonder Sophia would want to deny it either way, right? She then posted another closeup shot of that finger without a ring, saying:

“I hope TikTok can relax now. Travel on, friends.”

Check out her response to the rumors (below):

While Ashlyn and Sophia aren’t engaged, at least not officially yet, she is completely happy with their relationship so far. She posted a pic with Ashlyn, writing:

“I just wanna squeeeeeeeeeze her … I get that it’s new for y’all to see me so happy and so embodied. It’s new for me too. How lucky am I.”

She thinks that’s the problem? Her happiness?? Wow.

Reactions, Perezcious readers? Did you believe the engagement rumors? Let us know in the comments below!

[Image via MEGA/WENN, Late Night with Seth Meyers/YouTube]

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