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Step Away From the Crack Pipe, Courtney Love

Was there some mixing of meds going on?
On Sunday, Courtney Love blogged 60 times on her MySpace page.
What an inordinate number of posts for one day!
The content of the posts were also pretty whacked out!!!
In one post she mentions that she is suicidal.
– In another she shared pictures of designer dresses that she says her former housekeeper, Miriam Torres, stole from her. “Miriam’s a cow, into black magic and she took all she could,” said Court.
– In a post titled “people are fuckiing evil”, she said,”Some people in my life right now haven’t been able to keep secrets or be honest or positive.”
Is this what daughter, Frances Bean has to deal with every day?
Poor child.
Maybe it’s time for Court’s people to install something like Google’s ‘drunk email protector’ thing on her computer.
We also hope Court’s friends step in.
She mentioned suicide! That’s not a good thing!!!
[Image via WENN.]

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Nov 17, 2008 11:46am PDT

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