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Trump Lackey Stephen Miller Is Getting BLASTED On Twitter For Painting Fake Hair Onto His Bald Spot...

Stephen Miller bald spot forehead

Stephen Miller deserves every minute of this.
Acting as a boot-licking lackey special adviser to Donald Trump, Miller went on Face The Nation this morning to discuss Trump’s absurdly stupid border wall plan and some other political issues… but people found it difficult to hear his message because they were so focused on the top of his head.
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Miller, who objectively-speaking truly has an absolutely massive forehead, also has a significantly-receding hairline to the point of extreme male pattern baldness, despite the fact that he’s just 33 years old.  Yikes!
Clearly self-conscious about that, Miller opted to paint fake hair on the top of his head before Sunday morning’s Face The Nation appearance — and the painting decision wasn’t lost on viewers.
First, here’s a portion of the segment itself on video, for you to get a feel for Miller’s, um, new look (below):

OK but seriously, look at this — EVERYBODY noticed the weirdly-painted-on fake hair almost immediately, and nobody held back on Twitter (below):

Stephen?!?! WTF, dude!!!!!!
So embarrassing!!! LOLz!
[Image via CBS/Face The Nation Twitter.]

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Dec 16, 2018 10:20am PDT