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Steroids And Drugs Found At Deceased Wrestler's Home

Not surprisingly, a nice little cocktail of pills was found at the apartment of recently deceased ex-wrestler Andrew “Test” Martin.
A search of his apartment turned up steroids, painkillers, and other prescription drugs. It also turned up evidence that Martin was in the middle of dinner, as there was a half eaten pizza and soda nearby.
Police spokeswoman Laura McElroy said, “He was obviously very healthy. The mystery of his death will likely come out in his toxicology report.”
No cause of death has been named yet, and it may take as long as 8 weeks to complete a full autopsy after a preliminary investigation came back inconclusive.
Experts believe that the delay in results suggests Martin may have died of heart failure or an overdose.
Troubled Martin knew that the wrestler lifestyle was taking its toll on him, often telling his father, “I will never live as long as you.”

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Mar 17, 2009 17:11pm PDT

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