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Steve Irwin's Son Robert Nearly Attacked By HUGE Crocodile In Crazy Viral Video!

Steve Irwin's Son Robert Nearly Attacked By HUGE Crocodile In Crazy Viral Video!

We can’t even imagine going into a crocodile enclosure like this! But when you’re the son of the late legend Steve Irwin, maybe it’s just second nature?

Robert Irwin was doing some on-camera work for his family’s show Crikey! It’s the Irwins! recently when he had to go into the new enclosure of a 12-foot saltwater crocodile at the Australia Zoo. He was trying to make sure the animal was OK in the habitat, but it was the teen conservationist who almost wasn’t!

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The 18-year-old Aussie posted video of the results of that expedition on Instagram over the weekend, and it’s CRAZY to see! The Irwin fam aren’t exactly strangers to danger, but still, this saltwater situation got SO sketchy, it forced Robert to bail early!

Armed with meat in order to keep the croc — named Casper — somewhat calm, Robert crept inside the habitat to do his research. Things turned bad very quickly, however, when the croc took notice of the teen and decided he didn’t want company!

Robert did as planned, tossing meat in Casper’s way, but the croc lunged past it and made a beeline for Steve’s son. Oh, no!

Thinking quickly, Rob let his team know it was time for him to depart, yelling (below):

“Bail, bail, bail!”


And when you see this video (below), you’ll understand that bailing out was 100% the right move:

Holy s**t!

Thankfully, keeper and croc both walked away OK.

But still! What a WILD situation!

[Image via Australia Zoo/YouTube/Real Wild/YouTube]

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