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Was Susan Boyle "Drugged" During Vegas Performance With Donny Osmond?!

Susan Boyle has made no secret of the fact that she grew up idolizing Donny Osmond, so when she got the opportunity to perform This Is A Moment as a duet with him for her new album, and then perform it live together earlier this week on Dancing With The Stars, we weren’t entirely surprised to see that nerves got the best of her!
However, the wildly successful singer continued her tour with the former teen icon at the Las Vegas venue he shares with sister Marie last night, and according to members of the audience, SuBo’s behavior was SO alarming that they even feared she might be on drugs!
One Perezcious Reader explains:

“Susan was only on stage about 4 minutes. She could not walk out on her own. She had to be held up. They left her center stage, but she was so out of it, she didn’t know which way was forward. The entire time, Susan faced to her left side, never once facing center or to the right. The only movement she made on stage was when the feedback was making loud noise for an entire minute, she finally realized it, and she had the momentary sense to take a step back to reduce the feedback. She seemed totally drugged to me. She sang only about a song and a half, that was it. She looked to me like she was going to collapse, or maybe she was seriously frightened to be on a stage.”

Awww! Poor thing!
We can’t attest to whether or not she WAS on anything that would attribute to her bizarre behavior, but it certainly does sound to us like she’s been battling some serious stage fright!
And that can ONLY have been exacerbated by the pressure of getting to sing with someone you’ve adored since you were little!
But as you can see from photos of Donny from last night, he was a COMPLETE gentleman and even held her hand while they sang (above and below)!
Too sweet! We’re sure that meant the WORLD to her!
We just sincerely hope that gurl is just dealing with some big time nerves and can eventually overcome them, and if there are any other outside factors contributing to her behavior, that they can be resolved!
Stay strong, gurl!
[Images via WENN.]

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Oct 18, 2012 13:41pm PDT