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Home Intruder Interrupts Suzanne Somers' Makeup Live Stream -- And She's SO Cool About It! WATCH!

A home intruder interrupted Suzanne Somers' Facebook livestream this week!

This is WILD!

But credit to Suzanne Somers for keeping her cool in such a weird and uncertain situation.

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The former Step By Step star was doing a Facebook livestream makeup tutorial at her Palm Springs, California home on Friday night when, about 40 minutes into the popular social media show, she stopped dead and realized she heard somebody walking around her house.

She turned her head, and BAM! There the guy was! The 74-year-old Three’s Company alum was a little distressed by seeing a man — who identified himself as Aaron Carpenter — in her home during the middle of the livestream.

But both she and her husband, Alan Hamel, took it in stride and dealt with the man calmly and carefully, diffusing what could have been a very tense situation.

The whole time, Carpenter clearly seems non-threatening, but he’s also off-putting with a weird manner, and Somers picks up on it and has him keep his distance while they’re talking. She eventually tells him that he shouldn’t be in her home, and she asks Alan to help get him out of there safely.

At one point, the man tells Suzanne that he has a gift for her, but she’s (rightfully) not interested, and leaves it at that. After a while, she tells the man to leave because she’s calling the cops, and he gets out of there so they can finish their livestream.

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According to TMZ, the media outlet contacted the Palm Springs PD, but apparently nobody called in the incident, so the man must have been allowed to go on his way. What a weird, crazy situation! But no harm, no foul, we suppose?! Still… what a wild thing to have happen. Especially during a livestream!

You can watch the whole thing go down (below), and it begins a few seconds after the 40-minute mark:

Posted by Suzanne Somers on Friday, February 5, 2021


We’ve already said it once, but that’s WILD!!!

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We’re honestly floored that Somers was able to be so cool under pressure, right from the very beginning. Both because she had the livestream on, and just in general for the fact that she dealt so smoothly with this stranger intruding in her personal space.

We’ve got a new level of respect for the TV star and fitness aficionado for this one!

What do U make of this crazy situation, Perezcious readers? Share your opinions with us by sounding OFF down in the comments (below)!

[Image via Suzanne Somers/Facebook]

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