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Take Her Babies Away!!!!

The Octo-Mom herself was live in the studio with our friends at Big Boy’s Neighborhood on Thursday morning.
Doesn’t she have A LOT of babies to look after????
What’s even more troubling is that sources tell us that Nadya didn’t get paid for her appearance on Big’s show.
She just left her kids to be on the program because she’s a big ol’ famewhore!!!!!!
The nurses who were fired by Suleman this week, who were looking after the first batch of the octuplets, claim that Octopussy doesn’t spend enough time with the kids.
And we believe them!
Things are gonna be even harder for Suleman when the rest of her litter comes home from the hospital.
Isn’t it time for child welfare to step in?????

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Mar 27, 2009 10:15am PDT

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