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Why Taylor Swift & Beyoncé Fans Are Beefing!

Taylor Swift Fans Beyonce Feud Post Malone Instagram

Where do Taylor Swift fans find the time to feud with so many people? Well, we guess there are enough of them to fight wars on different fronts…

The most recent conflict? It’s with an equally passionate bunch — Beyoncé fans!

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The Swifties and the Beyhive are exchanging words over, well, an exchange of words! See, Post Malone collaborated with both megastars on their new albums this year. And each time he reached out with a post on social media about it. To Bey, with whom he performed Levii’s Jeans, he wrote the sweet but short Instagram tribute:

“i love you @beyonce”

All good. Until he also had a track come out with TayTay last week — her lead single, Fortnight. To commemorate that release he wrote:

“It’s once in a lifetime that someone like @taylorswift comes into this world. I am floored by your heart and your mind, and I am beyond honored to have been asked to help you with your journey I love you so much. Thank you Tay

Definitely a difference. And one Bey fan called it out on X (Twitter), juxtaposing the two IG posts to grumble that the two women “deserve the same levels of respect.” Clearly they didn’t think Posty was being equivalently reverent. And the comments went WILD! Swifties immediately responded — some with more grace than others:

“Taylor wrote two posts about him. he gave her same energy. stop crying for god’s sake”

“I mean TAYLORD did give him a number 1 hit”

“Post and Tay have been friends for years! I actually think the “i love you @beyonce” caption was really sweet. I doubt they were ever in the studio together, so that’s likely why he used the album cover. He’s known for being an absolute sweetie pie, so this implication is uncool.”

“Taylor is obviously far more important”

“beyonce is such a flop compared to taylor no shade”

How it that “no shade”?? LOLz!

Some Beyhive members backed the original poster, saying the disparity was odd considering it was Bey’s song where Austin really shone:

“Mind you he sang back up for Taylor on that song meanwhile he sang what is arguably the best vocals of his lifetime on Levii’s jeans with his own solo, harmonized duet and even sang the last chorus alone”

Plenty pointed out how Bey’s reception has been cold across the board as she dips her toe into a new genre — and point to racism as a certain type of white country fans defend their territory:

“he’s closer to taylor so it makes sense that he said all this. but i will say he at the very least could have addressed the literal KKK meeting being held in his comments when he posted what he posted for Bey”

It’s a fair point. Though also possible he doesn’t read his comments.

Many fans of both just tried to keep the peace, writing reasonable explanations like:

“Maybe him and Taylor are close friends and him Beyoncé aren’t it’s never that deep”

“I’d say they’ve a much more professional relationship. Taylor and Post are clearly friends. I’d say Beyoncé was more of a ‘boss’ when working with her (obviously) so it’s probably less of a friendship and more of a job”

“I understand your point, but if he felt like this is enough to post as caption, and if Beyoncé doesn’t mind / doesn’t care about it, then us, fans don’t have to make up unnecessary comparisons.”

What do YOU think of Post’s posts, Perezcious readers? Is this much ado about nothing? Or the proper amount of ado about next to nothing??

[Image via Jimmy Kimmel Live/CECRED/Taylor Swift/YouTube.]

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